2 Videos re the upcoming WHO Power Grab

A Deeper Look at the WHO Power Grab Treaty: Unconstitutional and Potentially Devastating

On today’s The Truth Central, Dr. Jerome Corsi welcomes three special guests for a roundtable going deeper into the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty/Power Grab. While the Biden Administration celebrates the signing over of their citizens’ personal rights to the WHO globalists, we tell you why this pact is Unconstitutional and should, in truth, be null and void. There are many reasons for this stemming from what is written in our own Constitution (starting with Article 6, Clause 2). Dr. Corsi and our panel will tell you why and what needs to be done to keep this dangerous treaty from taking effect. Joining Dr. Corsi are:
KrisAnne Hall – Constitutional Lawyer; Founder: Liberty First Society
Frank Gaffney – Founder, Center for Security Policy
Dr. Karladine Graves – Dr. Karladine Graves D.O. of Cornerstone Family Care in North Kansas City, MO;. She is affiliated with St. Lukes. Dr, Graves is best known for exposing the dangers surrounding the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The Powergrab of the WHO – Philipp Kruse – Pandemic Treaty – Nederlandse Ondertitels

68,212 views Premiered Oct 6, 2023 #STOPTHETREATY

The Powergrab of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Philipp Kruse – Nederlandse Ondertiteling

#STOPTHETREATY Health and Democracy Conference 13 september, 2023 EU Parlement Strasbourg
who power grab

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