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Sunday, March 28th, 2021


President Biden’s Executive Orders

Executive Order: Biden signed an order on March 8, 2021 ‘Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free From Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.’

Executive Order: Biden signed an order on March 8, 2021 establishing the White House Gender Policy Council.

Executive Order: Biden signed an order on March 7,2021 calling for federal agencies to promote voter registration.

Executive Order: On February 24, 2021 Biden signed an order repealing a series of executive orders previously signed by former President Trump on regulating the financial system, reducing poverty, deregulation, reviewing funds to cities harboring antifa, promoting beautiful architecture in federal buildings, and democratic accountability in agency rule-making.

Executive Order: Biden signed an order on February 24, 2021 to strengthen the resiliency of America’s supply chains.

Executive Order: Biden signed an order to revoke Trump’s order to expand apprenticeships in America.




Thursday, October 15th, 2020


The news has been all “a twitter” (LOL) today  about the New York Post’s breaking story about the contents that were found on a laptop computer that Hunter Biden left for repair and obviously forgot about.  Below are links to the New York Post, the National Review, and The Federalist  regarding the ramifications of what was found on the laptop   Happy reading !!!   Nancy



Wednesday, September 25th, 2019


You have got to see this amazing video of a speech given by Donald Trump in 2013 !   Thanks to Anthony Bruno for sharing with us.  Nancy

I wonder how many people were aware of this.
I came across this 30 minute video that was recorded at the Family Leadership Summit
in August, 2013, two years before he announced he was running for the presidency.
Trump’s message six years ago remains the same today….

Speech: Donald Trump Delivers a Speech in Ames, IA – August 10, 2013



Wednesday, January 24th, 2018


What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town.  Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health.  That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, “a fecalized environment.”

In plain English: s— is everywhere.  People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water.  He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water.  Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a few decades later, liberals would be pushing the lie that Western civilization is no better than a third-world country.  Or would teach two generations of our kids that loving your own culture and wanting to preserve it are racism.

Last time I was in Paris, I saw a beautiful African woman in a grand boubou have her child defecate on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The French police officer, ten steps from her, turned his head not to see.

I have seen.  I am not turning my head and pretending unpleasant things are not true.

Senegal was not a hellhole.  Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures’ terms.  But they are not our terms.  The excrement is the least of it.  Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.




Sunday, October 1st, 2017




The pictures don’t lie.
Materials are on the dock ready to distribute.
Ships cannot unload more until there’s space on the docks.
Trucks and willing drivers are in short supply.
Mountains with narrow roads will make distribution difficult.
Apparently the mayor has a “history”.


Saturday, August 17th, 2013


Exclusive Report: Egypt Sending Diplomatic Mission to


16 Aug 2013

As the situation in Egypt escalates, a source with very close ties to the Egyptian government tells Breitbart News that the country is preparing to send a diplomatic mission to Russia. While the Obama Administration sends conflicting messages about the conflict, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia have issued strong statements in support of the government’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. America’s influence in the region is waning.

“They’re terrorists,” the source told Breitbart News in reference to people protesting in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. “They have machine guns, they have weapons…Hamas and other outside groups are pushing guns to them. Where is America?”

Breitbart News has also learned that Russia is offering the Egyptian government fighter jets and other military equipment. This week, President Obama announced that the US is suspending its planned joint military exercise with the Egyptian army. It seems the Russians are jumping in to fill the void left by the Americans.

“Sadat threw Russia out of Egypt,” the source told Breitbart News. “Peace came from that. If Russia reenters Egypt, they reenter the world.”

Russia’s moves to influence events in Egypt coincide with its effort to support the Assad regime in Syria. The government there seems to have a permanent upper-hand on the sectarian violence that has plunged the country into a civil war.

The dithering of the Obama Administration may result in Russia exerting greater influence in the region than at any time since the depths of the Cold War. Egypt and Syria could both become defacto client states of Putin’s Russia.

“Whoever loses Egypt, loses their place in the world,” the source continued. “Look at the Greeks, the Romans, the British, the Russians and, now, the US. Obama…McCain, they are giving it away.”

The Egyptian delegation to Russia is expected to leave in the coming days. Our source says they will also travel to the US. No word yet on what kind of reception it will receive.



Friday, May 10th, 2013


– FrontPage Magazine –

How Obama Betrayed America

Posted By David Horowitz On May 8, 2013  In Daily Mailer, FrontPage  


Below is David Horowitz’s new pamphlet, How Obama Betrayed America…And No One is Holding Him Accountable. To order it, click here.

“If we have to use force, it is because we are America.  We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall.  We see farther into the future.” – Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State under Bill Clinton

It is a judgment on Barack Obama’s timorous, apologetic, irresponsible and ultimately anti-American conduct of foreign affairs that Madeleine Albright’s words, spoken little more than 15 years ago, now sound as antique as a pronouncement by Harry Truman at the onset of the Cold War, the great challenge America confronted bravely and without equivocation a generation ago.  While Obama has quoted this statement repeatedly to hide his real disdain for his country, he has set in motion policies meant to make America far from indispensable — a diminished nation that “leads from behind” if at all; a nation with a downsized military that is chronically uncertain about its meaning and its mission as it skulks in the wings of the world stage.

Albright’s statement was made about Iraq when Democrats were still supporting their country’s confrontation with its sadistic dictator Saddam Hussein, and before they defected from the war shortly after its battles were under way.  As a senator, in step with his Democratic colleagues, Obama opposed America’s war with Iraq while American troops were still in harms’ way, and then opposed the military surge that finally won the victory; as president he presided over the withdrawal of all American forces from Iraq,  against the wishes of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who wanted a continuing military presence, paid for with the blood of thousands of American men and women in arms. Obama thus turned that benighted nation over to the malign influences of America’s chief enemy in the Middle East, Iran, while betraying every American who gave his or her life for its freedom.

Far from shouldering his responsibility as the commander-in-chief of America’s global War on Terror and embracing it as this generation’s equivalent of the Cold War, Obama showed his distaste for the entire enterprise by dropping the term “War on Terror” and replacing it with an Orwellian phrase — “overseas contingency operations.” Minimizing the Islamist threat to the United States is not an oversight of the Obama administration; it is its policy.

It should not have been difficult for Obama to make the nation’s defense a priority when he became America’s commander-in-chief in January 2009.  The American homeland had already experienced a devastating attack, which terrorists have been constantly trying to repeat. The number of foreign states openly supporting terror has steadily increased (and grown even more during Obama’s tenure); and the most dangerous Islamist regime – Iran – is being allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, while Washington dithers over pointless negotiations. With secular governments giving way to Islamist regimes in Turkey, Egypt and Iraq, with the Taliban on the rise in Afghanistan and an American withdrawal imminent, the global situation today has eerie parallels to the early Cold War, with implications equally dire.  Yet instead of policies that put U.S. national security first and are pursued without hesitation or apology, Obama’s time in office has been marked by retreat and accommodation and even support of Islamist foes – most ominously of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which swept aside an American ally, with Obama’s personal intervention, and is busily creating a totalitarian state.

  Obama’s Foreign Policy Disasters (more…)



Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012



Sunday, September 23rd, 2012


The New York Times

September 22, 2012

Egypt’s New Leader Spells Out Terms for

U.S.-Arab Ties

By and

CAIRO — On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger.

A former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mr. Morsi sought in a 90-minute interview with The New York Times to introduce himself to the American public and to revise the terms of relations between his country and the United States after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, an autocratic but reliable ally.

He said it was up to Washington to repair relations with the Arab world and to revitalize the alliance with Egypt, long a cornerstone of regional stability. (more…)



Thursday, September 13th, 2012
The Wall Street Journal

  • September 12, 2012

The New World Disorder

As the U.S. retreats, bad actors begin to fill the vacuum.

  • By their nature, foreign policy problems often have a long fuse. The successes of one Administration (Truman, Reagan) sometimes don’t pay off for years (Bush 41), while dangers can simmer until they suddenly explode (al Qaeda). The Obama Presidency has been an era of slowly building tension and disorder that seems likely to flare into larger troubles and perhaps even military conflict no matter who wins in November.

This is the bigger picture behind this week’s public fight between the U.S. and Israel, as well as the anti-American violence in Cairo and Benghazi. In the Persian Gulf, across the Arab Spring and into the Western Pacific, the U.S. is perceived as a declining power. As that perception spreads, the world’s bad actors are asserting themselves to fill the vacuum, and American interests and assets will increasingly become targets unless the trend is reversed.

The Administration can’t be blamed for the 9/11 anniversary attack in Benghazi, which was an act of terrorism by anti-American Islamists that wasn’t stopped by a weak new government. Chris Stevens, the first U.S. Ambassador killed abroad in 33 years, was one of America’s most capable diplomats who was deeply engaged in the post-Gadhafi transition. Libya’s government has condemned the attack, and one test of its desire for close U.S. ties will be whether it punishes the perpetrators.  

Though less violent, the mob that was able to scale the U.S. Embassy wall in Cairo is in other ways more troubling. Egypt and the U.S. have worked closely since Anwar Sadat, and Cairo is one of the largest recipients of U.S. aid. Only last week the U.S. announced it will forgive about $1 billion in Egyptian debt. Yet the new Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohamed Morsi has failed to stop an assault on the Cairo Embassy, and it hadn’t condemned the latest attack by late Wednesday.

Almost as disconcerting was President Obama’s failure to mention the Cairo assault in his Rose Garden remarks on Wednesday morning. He condemned the Libyan attacks, praised the fallen U.S. diplomats, and pledged that “justice will be done.” But he didn’t offer any larger warning that such attacks will have consequences if they continue elsewhere around the world.

This is no idle worry. The 1979 seizure of U.S. diplomats in Tehran was followed that year by attacks on American Embassies in Tripoli and Islamabad. The U.S. Ambassador to Kabul was also killed. It isn’t enough for a President to say, as Mr. Obama did Wednesday, that he will work with other countries to secure the safety of U.S. diplomats. These governments have to know they will be held accountable if they don’t do so.

The larger concern is that these attacks fit a pattern of declining respect for U.S. power and influence. The Obama Administration has been saying for four years that the U.S. needs to defer to the U.N. and other nations, and the world has taken notice and is more willing to ignore U.S. desires and interests.

Across the Arab Spring, the U.S. has done little to shape events and is increasingly irrelevant. The U.S. angered Saudi Arabia by calling for the ouster of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and now has little sway in Bahrain. Mr. Obama has washed his hands of Syria, allowing Russia and Iran to keep their proxy in power and stir up trouble for Turkey and Lebanon. The Chinese have brazenly occupied disputed territories in the South China Sea, hinting at war if the U.S. intercedes on behalf of its Asian allies.

The U.S. withdrew in toto from Iraq, and now its Prime Minister ignores Vice President Joe Biden’s request to stop Iranian arms flights to Damascus. Even America’s dependent in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, is refusing to honor his commitments on holding Taliban detainees. Perhaps he has heard Mr. Obama describe Afghanistan in his re-election campaign as if the U.S. is already halfway out the door.


Zuma PressU.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the media as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stands by. (more…)

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