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Saturday, August 29th, 2020



Filmmaker Justin Malone’s documentary showcases stories of Black conservative thinkers

By James Varney – The Washington Times – Sunday, August 16, 2020

An occasional interview series with everyday Americans who are challenging the status quo.

Jolted by an MSNBC host’s hostile treatment of the late Herman Cain in a 2011 interview, filmmaker Justin Malone set out on a path bucking the media establishment that has led him to directing this year’s surprise hit documentary “Uncle Tom.”

He was just coming out of film school, uncertain of his politics and his future, when he saw MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell accuse then-Republican presidential candidate Cain, who died this month, of civil rights cowardice.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Mr. Malone told The Washington Times. “I was sort of undergoing my own political transformation at the time and the seed was planted right there.”

He remains astonished that an accomplished Black professional could be treated with such boldfaced contempt on a television news program. The notion that conservative thinking could be perceived as hostile or alien to the Black experience captivated him.

“It just seemed silly, to think Black people couldn’t be conservative or couldn’t be Republican,” said Mr. Malone, who is White.

The outlook permeates his film “Uncle Tom,” a black-and-white documentary that showcases several Black conservatives.




Sunday, March 24th, 2013


Dances with Confused Elephants

EXCERPT FROM THIS ARTICLE:   Shifting on gay marriage will not make a difference. It will only reinforce the image of the GOP as a dated party that lags behind the Democratic Party’s initiatives. And gay marriage does not exist as an individual cause. It is part of a constellation of social causes representing progressive social mores. The idea that gay marriage is a stopping point is laughable. There is no stopping point. That is the whole point.

The left is not interested in gay marriage because it believes in marriage, but because it believes in destroying all existing social institutions. A Republican Party that fails to grasp that has no clue where it is or what it’s fighting. It might as well be sent blindfolded into the ring with Muhammad Ali. And that is indeed what has been largely going on. The Republican Party has capitalized on populist backlashes to the left’s culture war without really understanding them or believing in them.

The one question I invariably encounter in a conservative movement that tends toward the gray side is how to engage the youth. And the answer is usually nothing that the questioners want to hear.

Now the Republican Party has laid the corpse of the last election on the slab and come up with the expected answers. Some of them are correct, albeit belated. Many others are the sorts of things that the squishy side of the party has been recommending for a while.The Republican Party has gone from denying that there is a culture war to conceding defeat in the culture war while denying that it ever existed. Its program now is to push aside the socially conservative material and stop frightening off minorities. And that misses the whole point about everything.

The right has its racist elements like the left, but its weakness with minority groups has nothing to do with what the Republican Party is, but with what the Democratic Party says it is. The GOP is taking on responsibility for the things that it never did. That is a bad idea on the best of occasions, but a terrible idea since it only reinforces the exact same image that has attached to it.

The Republican Party doesn’t poll poorly with minorities because its party members wear hoods and jump out of cars in minority neighborhoods while shouting “Boo”. It polls poorly with minorities because the Democratic Party has built up an extensive infrastructure in minority communities, backed by a national and local media presence. (more…)



Tuesday, September 4th, 2012






Security was very thorough – the mounted police for the opening night reception


The Teddy Roosevelt Tampa Rough Riders at the opening night celebration


A very festive atmosphere !


from the left: Linda DeVore, Zan Bunn and Cornelia Croce



Nancy Clark and Uncle Sam ??? at Opening Night Celebration


Governor Chris Christie speaking at the North Carolina breakfast meeting


Governor Christie


Dena Barnes, president of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women

Herman Cain speaking at the North Carolina breakfast meeting


Herman Cain


Yacht Club Reception – Martha Jenkins of Chapel Hill, NC and North Carolina House Representative Pat Hurley, District 70


Senator John Thune, South Dakota at the convention hall



Day 1 of the convention



The Debt Clock


Representative Peter King, New York, Homeland Security Chair


Carl Cameron, Fox News political correspondent


John Sununu, former New Hampshire Governor and White House Chief of Staff for George H.W. Bush




Thursday, August 2nd, 2012



August 1, 2012

Ann Coulter

Mitt Romney presents one enormous problem for Barack Obama’s campaign: No divorce records. That’s why the media are so hot to get their hands on Romney’s tax records for the past 25 years. They need something to “pick through, distort and lie about” — as the Republican candidate says.

Obama’s usual campaign method, used in 100 percent of his races, has been to pry into the private records of his opponents.

Democrats aren’t going to find any personal dirt on the clean-cut Mormon, so they need complicated tax filings going back decades in order to create the illusion of scandal out of boring financial records.

Romney has already released his 2010 tax return and is about to release his 2011 return. After all the huffing and puffing by the media demanding those returns, the follow-up story vanished remarkably quickly when the only thing the return showed was that Romney pays millions of dollars in taxes and gives a lot of money to charity.

Let’s take a romp down memory lane and review the typical Obama campaign strategy. Obama became a U.S. senator only by virtue of David Axelrod’s former employer, the Chicago Tribune, ripping open the sealed divorce records of Obama’s two principal opponents.

One month before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Obama was down in the polls, about to lose to Blair Hull, a multimillionaire securities trader. But then the Chicago Tribune leaked the claim that Hull’s second ex-wife, Brenda Sexton, had sought an order of protection against him during their 1998 divorce proceedings.

Those records were under seal, but as The New York Times noted: “The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had ‘worked aggressively behind the scenes’ to push the story.” Many people said Axelrod had “an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story.”

Both Hull and his ex-wife opposed releasing their sealed divorce records, but they finally relented in response to the media’s hysteria — 18 days before the primary. Hull was forced to spend four minutes of a debate detailing the abuse allegation in his divorce papers, explaining that his ex-wife “kicked me in the leg and I hit her shin to try to get her to not continue to kick me.”

After having held a substantial lead just a month before the primary, Hull’s campaign collapsed with the chatter about his divorce. Obama sailed to the front of the pack and won the primary. Hull finished third with 10 percent of the vote. (more…)



Sunday, December 4th, 2011
Published on The Weekly Standard (

Keep Fear Alive

The liberal obsession with playing the race card.

Noemie Emery

November 21, 2011, Vol. 17, No. 10
EXCERPT FROM THIS ARTICLE: Liberals thought rights applied to groups, conservatives to individuals; conservatives believed in equality of opportunity, liberals thought this was empty unless outcomes were equal; conservatives thought that if doors were held and stayed open, people would tend over time to find their own levels, liberals tried, with an elaborate system of racial quotas and preferences, to create the sort of outcome in which the balance of races and genders fit their ideal

The tendency of liberals to define the Republican party, the conservative movement, and most recently the Tea Party movement as the latest iteration of the Old South has been persistent, if not always sane. It survived the failure to convince voters that Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush were political scions of Jefferson Davis, survived the appointment by George W. Bush of two black secretaries of state in succession (and the failure of his base to sulk or burn crosses), survived the Tea -Party’s electoral embrace of blacks, Latinos, and immigrants’ children. But will it survive the sight of the most right-wing branch of the right-wing party (no doubt clinging to God and to guns out of bitterness) not only adopting Col. Allen West as its favorite congressman but cheering itself hoarse for a black man running for president as the “anti-Obama” in 2012?

Since the rise of the conservative movement, it has been believed on the left that the movement’s secret raison d’être is fear of “the Other”​—​immigrants, blacks, browns, and the loss of American “whiteness”​—​for which other concerns were assumed to be cover, a conceit that allowed the left to think itself not only “right on the issues” (all people think they are right on the issues) but “right” on the grand scale of higher morality, as one with the forces of the good and the pure and the true. Whatever the flaws of Herman Cain as a man or as a candidate, he has had the effect of eroding this conceit. And in this context, the merits of Cain in himself are less important than who supports him and the liberals’ reaction to what he has done. (more…)



Monday, November 14th, 2011

Published on The Weekly Standard (

Stephen F. Hayes

November 12, 2011 11:38 PM

Spartanburg, South Carolina
After a series of debates in which foreign policy and national security issues received little attention, Republicans spent Saturday evening here debating everything from the Arab Spring and Pakistan to foreign aid and China currency manipulation. The candidates largely agreed on the big issues – Obama is bad, terrorists are dangerous, Pakistan is a conundrum – but some interesting differences among the leading candidates surfaced over the course of the 90 minutes on stage and in the spin room afterwards.

Herman Cain had a difficult night, his halting and hesitant answers seemed to reflect a lack of depth on foreign policy issues. That might be understandable for someone who has spent his life in business, but it matters. In the first question of the night, Cain was asked about the recent IAEA report on Iran’s rapidly advancing nuclear program. The question conveyed a sense of urgency but Cain answered with policy prescriptions more appropriate for addressing a long-term problem – changing U.S. energy policy, aiding the Iranian opposition and tightening sanctions. Cain effectively ruled out military action. “The only way to stop them is through economic means,” he said.

Mitt Romney provided a dramatic contrast – on that answer and over the course of the night. If he came into this debate wanting to look strong and resolute – a good bet – he succeeded. On Iran, Romney, like Cain, mentioned sanctions and the Iranian opposition when asked about steps he would take to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. But he made clear that those were merely first steps. “If all else fails, of course you take military action,” he said, lamenting the diminished meaning of “unacceptable” in U.S. threats against Iran. “If we elect Barack Obama, Iran will have nuclear weapons. If you elect Mitt Romney, if you elect me, they will not.” (more…)



Thursday, November 10th, 2011

David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior

Posted 11/09/2011 ET
Updated 11/09/2011 ET

as extensively detailed in my book Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America, the only reason Obama became a U.S. senator — allowing him to run for president — is that David Axelrod pulled sealed divorce records out of a hat, first, against Obama’s Democratic primary opponent, and then against Obama’s Republican opponent.

Herman Cain has spent his life living and working all over the country — Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, D.C. — but never in Chicago.

So it’s curious that all the sexual harassment allegations against Cain emanate from Chicago: home of the Daley machine and Obama consigliere David Axelrod.

Suspicions had already fallen on Sheila O’Grady, who is close with David Axelrod and went straight from being former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley’s chief of staff to president of the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), as being the person who dug up Herman Cain’s personnel records from the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

The Daley-controlled IRA works hand-in-glove with the NRA. And strangely enough, Cain’s short, three-year tenure at the NRA is evidently the only period in his decades-long career during which he’s alleged to have been a sexual predator.

After O’Grady’s name surfaced in connection with the miraculous appearance of Cain’s personnel files from the NRA, she issued a Clintonesque denial of any involvement in producing them — by vigorously denying that she knew Cain when he was at the NRA. (Duh.)

And now, after a week of conservative eye-rolling over unspecified, anonymous accusations against Cain, we’ve suddenly got very specific sexual assault allegations from an all-new accuser out of … Chicago.

Herman Cain has never lived in Chicago. But you know who has? David Axelrod! And guess who lived in Axelrod’s very building? Right again: Cain’s latest accuser, Sharon Bialek. (more…)



Monday, November 7th, 2011
The Wall Street Journal

  • NOVEMBER 4, 2011

Theological differences between the two yield different understandings of the path to economic advancement.

When Herman Cain began singing “Amazing Grace” at the National Press Club on Monday, some believed he was trying to distract attention from the sexual harassment charges that had surfaced against him. But, as he explained, “My faith is a big part of who Herman Cain is.” In fact, though he’s decided to campaign on his background in business, Mr. Cain is an ordained minister and deeply religious man.

Like President Obama, Mr. Cain belongs to a mostly black congregation with a black pastor. But that is where the similarities end. Stark differences between the political philosophies of these two men may be rooted in their profoundly different theological heritages. The churches both men are (or in the case of Mr. Obama, were) longtime members of are known for liberal activism, but with notable differences in their views of scripture.

Mr. Cain’s church, Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, Ga., is theologically conservative, affirming the inerrancy of scripture and historic Christian creeds as literally true. It was founded in 1877 as eight freed slaves banded together in prayer. During its 134 years, it has hosted many civil-rights activists, and today it has 14,000 members.

The Chicago church where President Obama belonged for 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ, is theologically liberal, eschewing scriptural inerrancy and taking apostolic creeds as “testimonies” of faith, rather than literally, unchangeably true. The scriptures are seen more as “living documents” than permanent anchors and pillars of faith.


Associated PressBarack Obama at Trinity United Church of Christ in 2004. (more…)



Friday, November 4th, 2011



Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

November 2, 2011

Get off Romney’s Back

By Mercer Tyson

Bad-mouthing Romney is like saying Ronald Reagan was a failure because he didn’t colonize China.  Romney is a conservative who will work well with a GOP Congress.  His flipflopedness is both on purpose and irrelevant.  Time to get off his back.

Previously I wrote an article on American Thinker promoting the ticket of Romney and Rubio, and boy, did Romney and I get soundly thumped by many of the AT readers.  I consider the attacks on Romney from conservatives to be unwarranted, incorrect, and self-destructive.

I get the feeling from observing reader comments that many of them never stray from the conservative choir.  They should, because otherwise they fall into the trap of hearing the same sermons every day and believing their viewpoint is the only one that exists.  To our advantage, this was one of Obama’s problems: He never watched Fox news or listened to Mark Levin, Rush, or Michael Savage on the radio, so he never really understood the passion that existed on the other side of the isle.  He truly believed that once he was in office and people had a chance to get to know him, they would love him and everything that he did and stood for.  Not that his listening to Rush would have changed his mind, but he would have had a better understanding of how to deal with his self-proclaimed enemies.  Instead, his ignorance and arrogance led to the 2010 shellacking and will, hopefully, lead to a landslide GOP takeover in 2012. (more…)

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