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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014



The Chatham County Republican Party  hosted a Reagan Dinner on Saturday,  April 12 at Governors Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Brent Bozell, Founder and President of Media Research Center was the guest speaker at the gala evening.   Brig. General (Ret) Norman Gaddis, USAF, and a former Vietnam POW for six years, was an honored guest.   The following photos were taken at the event.

From the right, Brent Bozell, guest speaker and Bro and Dee Park

From the left: Jim Duncan, Chairman, Chatham GOP and Don Parson

ON the left: Colonel (Ret) Jay Stobbs, US Army and North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby

Brig. General (Ret) Norman Gaddis, USAF, former Vietnam POW

From the left: Donna Kelly, Jeanna Bock, Brian Bock, Chairman, Chatham County Commissioners and Bret Kelly

Pam Stewart, Chatham County Commissioner and her husband, Keith Stewart

Linda and Matt Arnold, Chairman, NC Republican 4th District

From the left: Cathy Wright, and Milada and Joe Williamson

Brent Bozell, Founder and President, Media Research Center and Nancy Clark, Founder, Conservative Women’s Forum

From the left: Donna Kelly and Macon Newby, wife of State Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby

From the left: Gladys Kofalt, Dr. Terry Kane, Milada Williamson and General (Ret) John Moellering US Army

From the left: Linda Arnold, David Carter and Mary Lopez Carter, candidate for NC State Senate

From the left: Zan Bunn, President, North Carolina Federation of Republican Women and Nancy Clark, Conservative Women’s Forum

Dr. John Wright and his wife, Cathy

From the left: Peter and Suzanne Morris and NC State Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby

From the left: Donald and Katharine Carek and Brian Bock, Chairman, Chatham County Commissioners

From the left: Brenda Downing and Lee Green, Vice Chair, Durham County GOP

From the left: Betsy Duncan and Morrie Ross

Karla Moellering and Bill Meeham

from the left: Dr. John Wright, Dr. Terry Kane, Col (Ret) Jay Stobbs and Jim Kofalt

General (Ret) Norman Gaddis USAF and Nancy Clark, Conservative Women’s Forum

Brent Bozell and Sandra Henson







Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Brian Bock, newly elected Chatham County Commissioner

Pam Stewart, newly elected Chatham County Commissioner and family

Supporters at Chatham election night party

Katharine Carek and Catherine Regula at election night party

Crunching the numbers on election night

Donna and Stephanie - Great returns coming in!

Heather Johnson, Windy Sawczyn and Donna Kelly

Heather Johnson getting ready to make an announcement

We Won!!!

Jeanne McNeill, husband and friend

Colonel Jay Stubbs at election night party

Cathy Wright, Martha Jenkins and Mary Martha Barbour

Cathy Wright and Don Lummus

The Hunters and the Singers on election night

Lynn and Jerry Gschwind on election night



Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Cathy Wright, Republican candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives, District 54

Thom Tillis, Republican Minority Whip, North Carolina House of Representatives

Representative James Boles, NC House , Nancy Clark and Ed Harland

Marilyn and Don Lummus, Dennis and Joyce Clark and friends

Carole Gunn, Karla Moellering, Gladys and Jim Kofalt

Brian Bock (in blue shirt), candidate for Chatham County Commissioner, his wife, Jeanna and Brad and Samantha Johnson

Nancy Clark, Heather Johnson and Beverly Harland

David Morris, Cathy's campaign manager and his friend, Jamie

John Stowe and friends

Cathy Wright and Brian Bock

Great music and a delicious dinner

Cathy Wright, all "fired up" and ready to win!

Nancy Clark, Cathy Wright and Beverly Harland


New Brian Bock campaign video featuring ALL of our local candidates!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010


Republicans to ‘bring it” in Chatham this Primary Season!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Dear CWF readers,

The article below should send home the reason that we ALL need to participate in the Primary in Chatham on May 4th.

CWF supports a strong slate of candidates – two of which are in a Republican Primary – a scenario not heard of in some time in Chatham. The candidates that CWF supports are:

Brian Bock

Brian is the Chairman of the Chatham GOP and is responsible for the absolute energy and revitalization of the Republican Party in Chatham County. He has been building a dialogue with the current Commissioners for reason and accountability. PLEASE support his effort to unseat the Progressive incumbent by donating to his campaign through his website.

Pamela Stewart

Pamela Stewart’s website will be available soon as she does not have a Primary runoff. She has an impressive background. She is Manager for US Web Communications for Bayer Corp. Fundamental Conservative principles and her corporate teamwork background demonstrate her ability  to work with other leaders to create common sense solutions and that is the experience that she will bring to the Chatham County Commission.

Walter Petty

Website to be released very soon – One of our members, Heather Johnson, knows Walter very well. He has been a bookkeeping client of hers and he is well regarded in Chatham County. An honest, Conservative businessman. District Voting will be a priority for Walter Petty. “A Commissioner’s vote should represent the desires of the people they serve. As a County Commissioner I will advocate for Voting by District.” As the owner of Atlantic Power Solutions in Siler City and 30 years of small business management, Walter Petty understands how to maintain a successful business in a difficult economic climate. “I find it necessary to cut expenses to sustain a profitable financial statement and the government should have to operate within the same guidelines. My desire is to establish this same level of accountability in our county government.” Walter Petty was born and raised on a farm in Western Chatham County.

FOLKS – THIS IS IT – THE DREAM TEAM FOR CHATHAM!! We CAN take our County back!! Please support these candidates and more to follow as soon as we have more information. Of utmost importance, though, is that the Democrats will be working for Brian Bock’s opponent in the Republican Primary.  His opponent is a life long Democrat who changed to Republican last fall.  He is the town barber. The Dems will seize on this opportunity to shut down the incumbent’s strongest opponent. Ensuring that we volunteer for Brian Bock and get out the vote will be more important than ever this May 4th!!

On to the Herald Sun article:

Republicans to ‘bring it’ this primary season in Chatham
02.27.10 – 03:36 pm
By Gregory Childress; 419-6645

Look for the Chatham County primary season to have a much different political look than it has in recent years.

When the filings ended Friday at noon, Republicans in the traditional Democratic stronghold had set themselves up for an active primary season. None of the Democratic incumbents are being challenged so there will be no primaries in those races on May 4.

“We usually have more Democrats,” said Dawn Stumpf, director of the Chatham County Board of Elections. “It appears this time we’re going to have a more active Republican run.”

Karl G. Kachergis, chairman of the Chatham County Democratic Party, said he is especially surprised that the two commissioner races will be without primary races.

“It’s strange to me,” Kachergis said. “As a chairman of a party, however, I’m glad our two candidates can save their resources for the November election.”

Kachergis said the surge in Republican participation is likely due to the party’s recent success in high profile races such as the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts, where Republican Scott Brown won the seat long held by Democrat Ted Kennedy, who died in August 2009.

“It looks like to me that they [Republicans] feel they have a better chance than they had in the past,” Kachergis said. “I know they plan to bring it.”

Still, Kachergis said, noting that registered Democrats in Chatham make up 50 percent of the county’s voting population or about 20,000 voters, Republicans face an uphill struggle. Republicans are 25 percent of voters, the equivalent of 10,000 voters, and another 10,000 voters are unaffiliated. There are about 40 registered Libertarians in the county.

Attempts to reach Chatham County Republican Party Chairman Brian Bock were unsuccessful.

In the County Commissioner District 3 race, Democratic incumbent George Lucier is uncontested. Republicans Brian Bock and Cadle W. Cooper will face off in the May primary for a chance to run against Lucier in November.

District 5 County Commissioner incumbent Carl E. Thompson is also facing a double-challenge from Republicans Kim Beal and Walter Perry. The Republican winner of the May primary will face Thompson in November.

Tom Vanderbeck, the incumbent Democrat in County Commissioner District 4, is being challenged by Republican Pamela Stewart. The two will square off for the seat in November.

In two state Senate races, there won’t be any primary elections because the Democratic incumbents in District 18 and 54 were not challenged by other Democrats and neither were the Republican challengers.

In District 18, Democratic incumbent Bob Atwater is being challenged by Republican Roger Gerber while Democratic incumbent Joe Hackney of District 54 will face Republican Cathy Wright.

Sheriff Richard H. Webster also avoids a primary election because no Democratic challenger stepped forward to challenge him. He will, however, face Republican Larry Meadows in November.

The non-partisan school board races in Chatham drew plenty of candidates.

In school board District 3, four candidates, Tina Ford, Jeff Johnson, Martin Pinnock and Del Turner, will vie for the seat held by Kathie Russell, who must vacate the post because of a mapping error that placed her in District 3. Russell lives in District 2.

And in District 4, Illana Dubester, Elizabeth Haddix, Gary Leonard, who was appointed to the board last month to fill the unexpired term of Gerald Totten who died in December, and incumbent Deb McManus, the current school board chairwoman, will compete for two seats in the district.

District 4 has two seats on the board because of its size.

School board candidates will be on the ballot in November. Because they are non-partisan races, there will be no primary elections.

The General Election is Nov. 2.


Campaign Kickoff for Brian Bock!

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

You are invited to attend the Campaign Kickoff for

Candidate for Chatham County Commissioner

Sunday, Feb 7 at 1:00 pm

The Pittsboro Community House – 65 Thompson Street, Pittsboro

I decided to run because the actions and proposals of the current county leadership are raising our property taxes, shredding our property rights, and spending our tax dollars on unnecessary pet projects and staff increases in a time of severe recession. The current and proposed policies create an environment hostile to job creation and retention, policies which scare off, rather than attract new businesses to Chatham County.

I need your help and support!

This Campaign Kickoff will be an excellent opportunity to hear directly from me about current Chatham County issues and how we can make a difference in the governance of Chatham County.

There will be a Question and Answer period and an opportunity for discussion after the event.

With your help we will unseat the incumbent! A crowd of supporters would send a huge message to the current leadership, and more importantly attract many others to help us.

Join us on Sunday lets get this fight started!!

Free food and beverages will be served from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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