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Mimi’ Verse – American Spectator

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

The following verse was written by Mimi Winship and published in the American Spectator.  Mimi is a “conservative lady” and lives and writes in Florida.

The American Spectator


Residing and hiding in Tennessee,

In a home too palatial for you and me,

A man once revered

(Though some of us sneered),

Is counting his carbon fortune lovingly.

He is always alone,

Stares hopefully at the phone,

But the thrill of his vast

Adoration has passed.

His glory was only on loan.

One cannot feel gladness

At the sight of such sadness.

The mighty brought low

Is a melancholy blow.

Call the whole silly thing moonbat madness.

I write from an igloo in Washington, D.C.

First Dude Palin bring your sled and rescue me!

Mimi Evans Winship

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