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Sunday, June 16th, 2024


This situation is beyond frightening.  Nancy 

Yes, Ripley, IQ’s Did Drop Sharply While You Were Away – We Are Doing Nothing To Stop The Impending Terrorist Attack

By Sam Faddis,  retired  CIA operations officer 
 -Bio –
June 16, 2024
In the science fiction movie “Aliens” Sigourney Weaver, confronted with unimaginable stupidity on the part of military and corporate officials planning to revisit a planet known to be inhabited by monstrous, almost indestructible aliens famously utters the line, “Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?”
I can relate. Unfortunately, we all can relate. Watching the slow-motion train wreck that is the Biden administration’s “national security” policy is quite literally maddening.

Back in March, a bunch of guys from ISIS-K shot up a Moscow concert hall. At least 143 people were killed. All of the attackers were Tajiks.

The Russians had been warned in advance by the United States of the impending attack. The Russians were aware that ISIS-K operatives were on their soil. They did nothing of consequence to stop the attack from happening.

In the aftermath of the Moscow attack, everybody in the vaunted American intelligence and security apparatus understood that we were next on the list of targets for ISIS-K. They also understood that there was a pipeline moving illegals from Tajikistan directly into the United States. Those individuals traveling to the United States typically transit Istanbul, just as the attackers did on their way to Moscow. Istanbul is a known logistical hub for ISIS-K operations.

There was a big uptick in the number of migrants from Central Asian countries last year, with more than 50,000 people from the region illegally entering the United States. Among them were some 17,000 from Uzbekistan, 7,000 from Kyrgyzstan, 3,000 from Tajikistan, 2,700 from Kazakhstan, and some 2,000 from Turkmenistan.”

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty March 20,2024

In a single U.S. border sector, San Diego, California, 140,000 illegal migrants, including around 2,500 Uzbek citizens, 500 Tajiks, and about 400 Kyrgyz nationals, entered the United States in the first quarter of this year, according to the Border Patrol. 




Tuesday, June 11th, 2024


Trump and the European Populist Right

The continent’s elites worry about America’s election, but the problem has hit closer to home.

By Gerard Baker  June 10, 2024
Europe’s elites have been huddling in a defensive crouch to shield themselves pre-emptively from what they regard as the catastrophe of a looming second Donald Trump presidency. From their chancelleries, newsrooms, academic common rooms and plush corporate and bureaucratic corner offices, they have watched with horror political trends on this side of the Atlantic. They can’t believe that instead of gratefully returning Joe Biden and his enlightened Democrats for four more years of the green revolution, vast increases in state spending and further devotion to the modern religion of diversity, equity and inclusion, American voters from no-name places between New York and California may succeed again in placing in the White House the man these Continental elites regard as the greatest threat to democracy ever.

But it turns out that it isn’t the American electorate our cultured European friends most have to fear. It’s their own people. It isn’t the loud-mouthed New Yorker with his deplorable views on fossil fuels, immigration and national security, but the rising tide of populist leaders in their own countries that pose the largest threat to Europe’s comfortable establishment.

The past weekend’s elections for the European Parliament provided the clearest evidence yet that large numbers of voters have had enough of the bipartisan progressive-green-secularist-globalist consensus under which they have been governed for years. France, Germany, Spain, Italy and smaller countries saw huge advances by parties of the right that oppose mass immigration, reject extreme climate measures and resist the continuing dissolution of their civilization into a relativist, multicultural mush.




Sunday, May 26th, 2024


An extremely insightful video of what is happening to our country because of  mass immigration    Nancy   
Exposing the Ultimate Objective of the Push for Mass Migration: Alex Newman
May 24, 2024
The border crisis has reached unprecedented levels. Over 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States since President Joe Biden took office. However, behind this crisis are official agreements between the U.S. government and the United Nations that are set up to facilitate mass illegal immigration into the United States.
One of the big agreements is called the Global Compact for Migration. This Compact is not just about running the migrant crisis on the ground—which they do through facilitating immigrant buses, migrant camps, and migration routes, among many other things—but it also has a built-in censorship system that works to control the border narrative.
We speak to Alex Newman, award-winning international journalist and Epoch Times contributor, about the ultimate objective behind the global push for mass migration.


Friday, May 24th, 2024


How bad is it when an illegal coming through our open border tells a reporter that security needs to be tighter !!!  It is terrifying to watch people from all over the world just walk right into our country without any security measures.  This is definitely not going to end well !  Nancy

Turkish migrant crossing US border says Americans are ‘right’ to be concerned: ‘No security’

San Diego County has become the busiest sector in the country for illegal crossings

Published  May 23, 2024


Thursday, May 23rd, 2024



Mind-Blowing Revelation on Border Betrayal

Biden Facilitating Organized Illegal Immigration

Act For America – May 17, 2024

Globalists Utilize Marxist-Climate Doctrine to Undermine US Sovereignty

Under the guise of the United Nations “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the Biden administration swiftly initiated full cooperation with the UN, systematically dismantling Trump-era policies aimed at securing operational control of the border.

This shift towards UN partnership and the erosion of border security measures has resulted in borderlessness and unconstitutional incursions violating our national security and sovereignty. Through executive orders, suspension of immigration enforcement, and collaboration with UN partners and NGOs, Biden’s administration is facilitating an orchestrated invasion of nations, notably evident in Panama’s Darien Gap camps. Overseen by Mayorkas, these camps serve as a launching pad for planned migration from 150 countries, a move fully aligned with and managed by the UN under 2030 Agenda objectives.

The core tenets of the 2030 Agenda, including orchestrated migration for “inclusive growth and sustainable development,” highlight the coordinated efforts between the Biden administration and UN members. The agenda’s emphasis on facilitating safe and regular migration, income redistribution, elimination of perceived discriminatory laws against migrants, adoption of specific wage and social protection policies, financial market regulation, and enhanced migrant representation in decision-making processes mirrors the trajectory of Biden’s immigration policies.

The alignment between Biden’s immigration agenda and the 2030 Agenda reveals a deliberate fusion of Marxist climate doctrine with international migration policies. This underscores a broader agenda aimed at replacing national identities and freedoms with a homogenized global order, particularly targeting the United States, the world’s economic leader.




Saturday, May 18th, 2024


Why Counting Illegals On The Census Threatens American Democracy

May 15, 2024

The counting of illegal aliens as part of the decennial U.S. Census is one of the most under-discussed aspects of illegal immigration, but it represents a major threat to the future of American democracy.

As currently constituted, the census counts everyone currently living in the U.S., regardless of their citizenship or legal status. The results establish the number of electoral votes and congressional seats allocated to each state. So, while illegal aliens and all noncitizens are legally banned from voting in federal elections, they are still allowed to legally impact elections through the census. Given that more than seven million illegal aliens have entered the U.S. over the past three years, we can expect illegal aliens to have an outsized influenced on both the electoral college and the House of Representatives after the counting of the next census occurs in 2030. This is a crisis of democracyas well as a crisis of sovereignty.

Even if one buys into the dubious notion that all of the many millions of illegal aliens who currently reside in the country are following the law and not voting in federal elections, their presence in the country could still potentially be decisive in elections. Take the state of New Jersey, for example. A recent study from the Garden State found that almost 1-in-10 New Jersey residents are illegal aliens. This means that nearly 1/10th of New Jersey’s electoral college votes and 1/10th of its House representation after 2030 could be the result of illegal immigration, and New Jersey is not even a border state. Imagine the impact illegal immigration may have on the census results in states like California, Arizona, or Texas.

All of this violates the sacred principle that American elections must be decided by American citizens and American citizens only. Illegal aliens may not be a voting bloc, but they are a large bloc with growing influence on the outcome of American elections.




Thursday, May 9th, 2024


Blue State Outlook: Almost 1-in-10 New Jersey Residents Are Illegal Aliens

By John Binder   May 7, 2024

Nearly 1-in-10 New Jersey residents are illegal aliens, costing the blue state’s residents at least $7.3 billion annually, a report from State Assemblyman Paul Kanitra (R) finds.

The report suggests that illegal aliens now account for about 7 to 8 percent of all New Jersey residents with an estimated 892,000 out of the state’s 9.3 million residents. According to Kanitra, New Jersey “hosts a disproportionate share of the illegal alien population in these United States.”

“New Jersey hosts about 1 in 22 of the illegal aliens and 1 in 37 of the people in these United States,” the report states. “That means there are 60% more illegal aliens in New Jersey than our fraction of this Union’s population.”

The cost to New Jersey residents is enormous, Kanitra details, as each New Jersey household spends about $2,100 every year to afford illegal aliens residing in the state. Likewise, every individual employed in New Jersey is billed nearly $1,600 annually for illegal immigration.

Housing illegal aliens, specifically, has come with large burdens for blue state residents — including those who live in New Jersey.







Sunday, May 5th, 2024
Why should we be concerned about how Europe is being changed  with mass immigration?  With our open border it is happening here too !  The globalist elites want chaos in our western countries and they think that  only “they” will be able to control.  It is all about power and control with no western country having sovereignty over their  own destiny  !  Thanks to Skip Woody for sharing this important video.  Nancy  

Eva Vlaardingerbroek on the state of European Affairs at the CPAC conference in in Hungary.

Ladies and Gentlemen   Welcome to the New World Order 




Thursday, May 2nd, 2024


Many of you are familiar with John Guandolo as he was twice a guest speaker at the ICON Lecture Series in Chapel Hill, NC, speaking about the threat from Islamic terrorism.  John Guandolo’s bio –   

Interview John Guandolo (Full Episode) | ACWT Interviews 4.25.2024

AMERICA, CAN WE TALK ?  Debbie Georgatos


Saturday, April 27th, 2024


Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?

73 Comments April 8, 2024

Victor Davis Hanson
American Greatness

In 2021, Joe Biden was elected after a bitterly fought campaign that deposed the incumbent Donald Trump. Democrats eventually captured, for a time, both the House and Senate, ensuring the most left-wing government in modern American history.

Americans were then set to witness a great experiment. For the first time in their lives, a truly radical socialist program would supposedly fundamentally transform the way America dealt with the border, immigration, the economy, race relations, foreign policy, energy, law enforcement, crime, education, and social questions such as religion, gender, abortion, and schooling.

In a sense, we were all to be lab rats of sorts, to be experimented on by the radical left and their various critical theories. Now in the last year of the Biden term, we can see the results of that experiment—and the unfortunate disasters that followed.

But first, how was such a radical move to the left even possible in a center-right America?

The Democratic nominee, Biden, had earlier united the left, but only through a Faustian deal. The handlers of a nearly non compos mentis Biden had ushered all his 2020 primary rivals out of the primary races in unison.

But in exchange for their exits that ensured Biden the nomination, the left took over his general campaign—in which Biden was virtually relegated to his basement—and then set his agenda.

Who was running things?

The mysterious architects of White House ideology included, inter alia, the omnipresent, now-Washington-DC-dwelling Obamas, the old socialist gadfly Bernie Sanders, the fossilized tribunes of the black and Latino congressional caucuses, the DEI firebrand Squad, and the neo-socialist scold Elizabeth Warren.

As a result, for one of the few times in American history, the hard left now had undreamt of power. And it was enhanced by a chorus in our compliant media, academia, corporations, the administrative state, foundations, entertainment, and popular culture.


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