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Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Subject: Michele Bachmann on WHO Amendments: “This creates a platform for global governance”



Thursday, May 5th, 2022


CDC spent taxpayer dollars to buy cellphone location data to track Americans during COVID pandemic
Chris Enloe    May 4, 2022

Shocking documents reveal the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention purchased cellphone data on millions of Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they were complying with pandemic-related restrictions.

What are the details?

Motherboard, a technology news website, reported Tuesday that CDC documents show the agency spent $420,000 last year to purchase cellphone location data harvested from tens of million of Americans.

The news website obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The data was purchased from SafeGraph, which Motherboard described as a “highly controversial data broker.” The data was “derived from at least 20 million active cellphone users per day across the United States” and provided “extremely accurate insights related to age, gender, race, citizenship status, income, and more.” The purchase gave the CDC access to the data for one year.

Some of the reasons the CDC wanted the data include:

  • To “[t]rack patterns of those visiting K-12 schools by the school”;
  • “Monitoring adherence to state-level policies to quarantine after arrival from another state”;
  • To track the “correlation of mobility patterns data and rise in COVID-19 cases” in schools, mass gatherings (concerts, sporting events, and places of worship), public transportation stations, etc., locations with shelter-in place orders, and locations with “movement restrictions (Border closures, inter-regional and nigh curfews) to show compliance”;
  • To examine “the effectiveness of public policy on [the] Navajo Nation.”
  • (more…)


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022


Right to Treat
Physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients by employers, public health agencies, pharmacies, and threats from medical boards leaving us unable in some situations to protect and serve patients facing disease. Many patients are being advised to go home until their disease worsens to the point of hospitalizations. We believe that prevention and early treatment measures are always the best courses of action. We defend the right to prescribe treatment and that physicians should not be restricted from prescribing safe and effective treatments that prevent unnecessary sickness and death. It is both usual and legal for medical providers to prescribe FDA approved medications for off-label prescription.

Informed Consent

As physicians it is our utmost responsibility to uphold and restore the value of informed consent and the doctor-patient relationship. Employers, government officials and more are coercing American citizens into medical interventions against their will in order to maintain employment, enrollment and more. Science has long taught us that every intervention poses risks and benefits and that the doctor-patient relationship should be preserved and each patient treated as an individual with unique predispositions. Each patient after being fully informed of the risks and benefits of any medical intervention should be able to choose or deny such intervention.

Respecting Opinions

As physicians, our 1st Amendment rights and professional individualized opinions are being censored and suppressed as we are prohibited to openly engage in professional discourse and the exchange of ideas that endangers our profession and patients rights. Discovering truth in medicine depends on a healthy discussion and dissenting opinions. If we lose the ability to have differing opinions then we lose the ability to determine the best possible solutions as well as the integrity, art and science of medicine.

Patient Rights and Medical Privacy

A growing number of bureaucrats and government officials are stepping into the area of personalized medical care. We believe that no employer or entity should demand to know one’s personal health information including but not limited to vaccine status, medical history, and medical exemptions. HIPAA rights should be maintained regardless of the current medical environment.


Monday, May 2nd, 2022


This is an excellent in-depth interview with Retired General Robert Spalding regarding  China.  Part 1 should also be viewed.

If you missed part one of this interview, you can find it here. 


April 30, 2022 
PART 2: Behind China’s Lockdown Madness—Gen. Robert Spalding on a Looming Taiwan Invasion, the Russia-Ukraine War
American Thought Leaders



“They’re going to go element by element through their economy and see which of those is still open to attack from the West … to seal those up prior to invading Taiwan.”

Previously, in part one of my interview with retired Brigadier General Robert Spalding, he broke down the Chinese regime’s strategy of unrestricted warfare, which is detailed in his latest book “War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for Global Domination.”

Now in part two, we discuss what’s really going on behind China’s new round of draconian lockdowns. Is it potentially related to Xi Jinping’s plans for Taiwan?

“The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t do things willy-nilly. It’s very deliberate,” Spalding says.

How can the United States effectively counter the Chinese communist threat to Taiwan and the rest of the free world?

If you missed part one of this interview, you can find it here. 





Saturday, April 9th, 2022

WAKE UP and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution

The United States has proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations which will be voted on by the World Health Assembly scheduled for May 22-28, 2022.

by James Roquski     March 31, 2022

KEY TAKEWAYS To This Article:

  • The International Health Regulations (IHR) are legally binding and supercede the United States Constitution. All the nations of the world have already agreed to the existing International Health Regulations.
  • The United States has proposed amendments to the legally binding International Health Regulations that will be voted upon at the next World Health Assembly this May 22, 2022 to May 28, 2022.
  • These proposed amendments will cede additional sovereignty, control and legal authority over to the World Health Organization.
  • These amendments will NOT require approval by 2/3 of the United States Senate. If they are approved (as submitted by the United States) by 2/3 of the member countries of the World Health Assembly (130 of 194 countries), these amendments would enter into force as international law just six months later (November 2022).
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Monday, April 4th, 2022


Adam Andrzejewski: NIH Slow-Walking FOIA Requests for Fauci’s Finances; Potential Conflicts of Interest Among Scientists
American Thought Leaders



“Fauci is the director of a sub-agency of a sub-agency of Health and Human Services. So how can he outearn everybody else at the federal level, including the president, including four-star generals in the United States military with millions of men and women underneath their command?”

I sit down with Adam Andrzejewski, the CEO and founder of the government watchdog organization, which tracks and publicizes government spending. In the last year alone, they filed over 47,000 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

On behalf of, Judicial Watch sued the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for documents on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s financials. They are also investigating conflicts of interest at the NIH and have filed a lawsuit demanding information on the roughly 1,000 NIH scientists, currently employed or retired, who receive royalties from third parties, such as pharmaceutical companies, for co-inventions.

But the NIH is slow-walking their requests, and only releasing documents covered in redactions of useful information, he argues. The NIH is releasing 300 pages a month over the course of 10 months (3000 pages total).

He breaks down what he and his team have found so far, and what else needs to be uncovered.


SWEET FLORIDA – Governor Ron DeSantis

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022


Thanks to Royal Brown of Florida for sharing this great Florida/DeSantis video with us and also please scroll down below the song links to questions that were asked of Governor DeSantis by Royal Brown ( Royal A. Brown III  President, Winter Haven 912  LTC-(USA-Ret) when he and his fellow patriots met with Governor DeSantis.   I am very happy to say that Royal Brown is one of our fellow readers and he has sent us some very informative information over the last few years.   Nancy   

Play this great theme song – “SWEET FLORIDA”  Following are several links

On April 1, on short notice, some of us in WH 912 met with our great Governor Ron DeSantis at Blackburn’s BBQ in Eagle Lake, FL – among the most significant things he had to say follow:
1.  When asked about Constitution Carry his reply was “Constitutional Carry will become law in Florida within the next year”.
2.  In regard to redistricting – he will VETO the FL Legislature’s plan which provides more Democrat controlled districts and his plan will dismantle District 5, Alfred Lawson’s district that extends across parts 8 north FL counties from Tallahassee to Jacksonville in order to guarantee a Democrat victory since the district as drawn is 66% black.  Federal law requires districts favoring minority candidates to be “compact” or part of a “community: and this is far from it. He realizes this will most likely lead to lawsuits but his analysis of the FL Constitution including the 2010 Equality provision is that it will be trumped by federal law.
3.  Ref Disney’s opposition to the Parents Rights Law he signed which they have falsely dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill he will not let Florida be ruled by a CEO and corporation based in California !
4.  He is working on a new policy to eliminate wokeness in FL which contains the word WOKE – I didn’t get the first part of the name but will involve no tax exemptions or other perks for WOKE companies in FL including Disney. .
5.  Since the Fed govt can control the FL National Guard by federalizing them, he is working on forming his own state guard for purposes of helping with natural disasters, riots, etc. which will be structured like the current FL National Guard which the Feds can’t touch.
6.   He will continue calling fake POTUS Biden Brandon as long as he continues with leftist policies which hurt the state of FL and he mentioned the cutoff of monoclonal antibodies; flooding us with illegal aliens flown in in middle of night; energy and other policies which are creating massive inflation; etc.  He also said the FL Legislator had approved funding for his use in shipping illegals sent to FL by the INS to Deleware, Brandon’s home state.

Royal A. Brown III

President, Winter Haven 912
“Tyranny Hates to Be Questioned”

Click the link below to view Gov. Ron DeSantis speaking to our Winter Haven 12 Group and Polk REC members in Winter Haven.
Click Here
Then Click the Video Link Button.


Wednesday, March 16th, 2022


Tucker Carlson had the author of this article on his show tonight.  Nancy

Two Years After Lockdowns, The West’s Troubles Aren’t Ending — They’re Just Beginning

MARCH 15, 2022


Thursday, March 10th, 2022


URGENT: Covid infections in Britain are rising again, and 90 percent of the dead are vaccinated. Have mRNA jabs ruined our chance at herd immunity?
by Alex Berenson   March 9, 2022
New figures from Britain raise bright red flags about the direction of Covid in wealthy countries that used mRNA and DNA shots to attempt to defeat the coronavirus last year.
Hospitalizations and deaths remain stubbornly high and overwhelmingly occur in vaccinated people. In February, 90 percent of the 1,000 Britons who died each week of Covid were vaccinated.
New infections are not only far higher than they were before the Omicron variant emerged, they are rising again after a brief fall in February. And even boosters appear to offer no protection against hospitalizations in younger people.
British data are crucial both because Britain vaccinated and boosted early and because its datasets are far more complete and less politicized than those in the United States.
Day by day, week by week, the figures are becoming more worrisome. They hint that mRNA and DNA shots may have slowed if not completely halted the natural progression to herd immunity that occurred in earlier respiratory virus epidemics.
In fact, Britain now reports 99 percent of adults have antibodies to Covid, mostly as the result of vaccination. That level is far higher than epidemiologists believed would be necessary to support herd immunity. Yet Covid infections, hospitalizations, and deaths continue unabated. Almost 12,000 Britons are now hospitalized with Covid, more than at this time last year.
The most stunning chart is this one. Each week the British government releases a “surveillance report” which includes Covid deaths by vaccine status.
In the four weeks ending February 27, 397 unvaccinated Britons died of Covid, compared to 3,512 who were vaccinated. Using a broader definition, which may include more incidental deaths unrelated to Covid infections, the numbers are even worse, with 5,871 vaccinated people dying compared to 570 unvaccinated. (The United States does not publicly provide this data; it is not even clear American public health authorities collect it comprehensively.)


Sunday, February 20th, 2022


Always follow the $$$$$.  Nancy

Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports — Brought to You by BlackRock and Vanguard?

Investment giants BlackRock and The Vanguard Group stand to benefit from their ownership stakes in most of the corporations that imposed COVID vaccine mandates, and in some of the technology firms developing vaccine passports.

 February 16, 2022

After the U.S. Supreme Court last month froze the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large private employers, some companies — including BoeingGeneral Electric and Starbucks — dropped plans to implement the mandate.

Others, based on guidance issued in 2020 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, left the mandates in place.

Most of the large employers that opted to mandate COVID vaccines for their employees, even though the Supreme Court ruled they didn’t have to, have something in common: BlackRock and The Vanguard Group have ownership stakes in them.

BlackRock and Vanguard, two of the world’s “Big Three” asset managers, also are among the top three shareholders of COVID vaccine makers PfizerModerna and Johnson & Johnson — which means the two investment giants stand to benefit from these companies’ soaring profits and the resulting rise in those companies’ stock prices.

BlackRock and Vanguard don’t just benefit from sales of COVID vaccines. As it turns out, they also have ownership stakes in technology companies developing vaccine passports and digital wallets.

BlackRock: the ‘fourth branch of government’?

Combined, BlackRock and Vanguard manage more than $15 trillion in global assets.


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