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Saturday, March 23rd, 2024



An Invasion of Squatters

The ugly reality of nine million illegal aliens could be coming to a neighborhood near you.



Wednesday, March 13th, 2024


This  madness of racial disparity is the result of racial discrimination will only lead to  a further rapid decline of our country.    Nancy  


Disparate Impact Thinking Is Destroying Our Civilization

Heather Mac Donald

Manhattan Institute

Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. She earned a B.A. from Yale University, an M.A. in English from Cambridge University, and a J.D. from Stanford Law School. She writes for several newspapers and periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and The New Criterion, and is the author of several books, including The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe and When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives.

The following is adapted from a talk delivered on February 15, 2024, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Naples, Florida.

The most consequential falsehood in American public policy today is the idea that any racial disparity in any institution is by definition the result of racial discrimination.

If a cancer research lab, for example, does not have 13 percent black oncologists—the black share of the national population—it is by definition a racist lab that discriminates against competitively qualified black oncologists; if an airline company doesn’t have 13 percent black pilots, it is by definition a racist airline company that discriminates against competitively qualified black pilots; and if a prison population contains more than 13 percent black prisoners, our law enforcement system is racist.

The claim that racial disparities are proof of racial discrimination has been percolating in academia and the media for a long time. After the George Floyd race riots of 2020, however, it was adopted by America’s most elite institutions, from big law and big business to big finance. Even museums and orchestras took up the cry.

Many thought that STEM—the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—would escape the diversity sledgehammer. They were wrong. The American Medical Association today insists that medicine is characterized by white supremacy. Nature magazine declares that science manifests one of “humankind’s worst excesses”: racism. The Smithsonian Institution announces that “emphasis on the scientific method” and an interest in “cause and effect relationships” are part of totalitarian whiteness.

As a result of this falsehood, we are eviscerating meritocratic and behavioral standards in accordance with what is known as “disparate impact analysis.”


Consider medicine. Step One of the medical licensing exam, taken during or after the second year of medical school, tests medical students’ knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. On average, black students score lower on the grading curve, making it harder for them to land their preferred residencies. Step One, in other words, has a “disparate impact” on black medical students. The solution, implemented last year, was to eliminate the Step One grading disparity by instituting a pass–fail system. Hospitals choosing residents can no longer distinguish between high and low achieving students—and that is precisely the point!




Saturday, March 9th, 2024
Unbelievable that our own government is  actively destroying our country !   This video goes into detail about exactly how our government is giving incredible benefits to these illegals that they are secretly flying into our country !  Prepare yourself,   this is not going to end well.  Nancy  P.S.  There is not a Skip Ad button to the video so we have to endure the commercial before the video begins 
Elon Musk Issues ‘9/11’ Warning; 320,000 Illegal Immigrants Secretly Flown Into US
Crossroads  March 8, 2024
The federal government has now admitted that it has been actively flying illegal immigrants directly into the United States. So far, it has facilitated air travel for 320,000 illegal immigrants. This is in addition to the others who travel to the U.S.–Mexico border and surrender themselves to authorities to enter the amnesty system. Behind this program is a government app that is gaining more attention, known as CBP One, and allows migrants to schedule appointments with U.S. authorities to illegally enter the United States.
In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss this topic and others, and answer questions from the audience.




Wednesday, February 21st, 2024


France’s Skyrocketing Threat

by Guy Millière

Dr. Guy Millière, a professor at the University of Paris, is the author of 27 books on France and Europe.

February 21, 2024


The European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2003 that Sharia law is incompatible with the values of democracy. Sharia law stipulates that Allah has dictated all the rules that human beings must obey, and that all rules contrary to Sharia law must be rejected. 37% of French Muslims say they support the Muslim Brotherhood — also not surprising: the main French Muslim organization, Musulmans de France (“Muslims of France”) is the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Every year, Muslims of France organizes a conference that attracts hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all over Europe. The group also invites radical imams who speak to the crowd.

  • January 30, 2024. The French weekly, Le Journal du Dimanche, publishes the most comprehensive and detailed survey on what French Muslims think. Not surprisingly, the results are disturbing.
  • Every year, Muslims of France [the main French Muslim organization, and the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood] organizes a conference that attracts hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all over Europe. The group also invites radical imams who speak to the crowd.
  • The survey further showed that 49% of French Muslims want Catholics to convert to Islam, and that 36% percent want churches to be transformed into mosques… The survey also discloses that 25% of French Muslims said that the word “France” is a word they reject.
  • France is a country where more than 70% of prison inmates are Muslim. According to reports, the crime rate among the Muslim population is high…. There are also more than two hundred rapes every day in France, most perpetrated by Muslim men who entered France illegally. Only 7% of illegal immigrants ordered to leave France are ever actually deported
  • A similar situation to that of France can be found in other Western European countries, where the Muslim population may be smaller but is quickly growing.
  • If Europeans wish to avoid such a future and keep their culture, they need to start making that outcome unmistakably clear to everyone, not just by words but by actions. If not, what we are seeing could well mean the end of the European civilization as we know it.
According to a new comprehensive survey, 49% of French Muslims want Catholics to convert to Islam, 36% percent want churches to be transformed into mosques, and 25% of French Muslims said that the word “France” is a word they reject. Pictured: Thousands of Muslims arrive to attend the morning Eid al-Adha prayers at the Great Mosque of Paris on June 28, 2023. (Photo by Zakaria Abdelkafi/AFP via Getty Images)


Wednesday, February 7th, 2024



This is just the beginning of what our country will be facing.  Nancy


Palestinian migrant who arrived via Mexico allegedly beat homeowner over his support for Israel: video

Bechir Lehbeib entered the US through Mexico and made an asylum claim months before allegedly beating NY man over his support for Israel

Published  February 7, 2024 4:00am EST

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A 26-year-old Palestinian migrant is facing hate crime charges in New York after police say he stole a homeowner’s U.S. and Israeli flags out of his yard and then beat the man to the ground while yelling antisemitic slurs.

“These are not the type of people who come to America like my great-grandparents did, like your great-grandparents and grandparents and parents who came to America to kiss the ground,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman told reporters Tuesday.

“Instead, they spit on our flag, they trample on our values and they commit crimes. And they do so at taxpayer expense.”




Monday, January 15th, 2024


I know this is going to sound “over the top” but Tucker Carlson’s interview of Bret Weinstein, a former professor of evolutionary biology, is one of the most extremely informative and profound interviews I have seen.  The interview is long and begins with an analysis of the Pharma industry and about half way through the interview, the subject of the attempt by the WHO (World Health Organization) to control and mandate global responses to  the next pandemic is discussed. We just have two weeks before this globalist plan is put in place.   I sent out an email yesterday regarding how to register your objection to this globalist plan with your representatives-

 Please take the time to take action on this globalist plan and  please share Tucker’s important video interview with your contacts.  Nancy   



  • Many have reflected on the fact that Big Pharma has a perverse incentive to promote ill health, as its financial bottom line depends on it. But few understand just how elaborate its efforts to that end are
  • American podcaster and former professor of evolutionary biology Bret Weinstein describes the pharmaceutical industry as an intellectual property racket. Big Pharma patents molecules, compounds and technologies, and then looks for diseases against which their patents can be applied
  • Pharma is engaged in a continuous effort to portray its intellectual properties as more useful and safer than they are, and to persuade the medical establishment, journals, medical societies, hospitals and government to direct people toward drugs they wouldn’t otherwise be taking. So, when COVID-19 happened, the industry was more than prepared to take advantage of it
  • The introduction of the mRNA platform technology was central to the entire COVID response. The technology has a lethal flaw that would prevent it from getting to the market under normal circumstances. The COVID pandemic allowed Pharma to bypass this obstacle and deploy this incredibly lucrative technology
  • By way of amendments to the International Health Regulations and the pandemic treaty, the World Health Organization seeks to achieve global dominion and total control of the masses under the guise of public health


Monday, January 8th, 2024


Green Energy Waste Overlooked In Climate Agenda
The amount of waste piling up from solar panels and wind turbine blades can be measured in tons. And the industry is just getting started.
Almost all spent solar panels in the United States end up in landfills, and many first- and second-generation panels are already tapping out, well ahead of their anticipated 30-year lifespan.
Added to that will be an estimated 9.8 million metric tons of dead panels to deal with between 2030 and 2060, according to a study published in Science Direct.
Tossing a solar panel into a U.S. landfill currently costs about $1, maybe $2. To recycle that same panel, the cost balloons to $20 to $30, according to an estimate reported by PV Magazine.
Wind turbine parts present a similar challenge, with thousands of blades having already found their way into dumps and fields in Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa.
It’s no small feat to dump a blade. The length of a single wind turbine blade can be more than 200 feet or longer than the wingspan of a Boeing 747, according to the Department of Energy. Offshore wind rigs are even larger.


Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024


Thanks to Dee Sams for sharing this enlightening article re Tyson Foods and their partnering with Protix. Another globalist attempt to introduce insects into the food supply.  It may just be for livestock feed and dog food  initially, but this is just a way to get people used to the idea of insects being part of our food supply.  Looks like I am going to be striking Tyson Foods off my grocery shopping list just to send them the  message that their new partnership with Protix is not to my liking !!!    Nancy
October 17, 2023


Thursday, December 21st, 2023


This is a  video of only men coming through the border in Lukeville, Arizona.    For a list of supplies you should have on hand in the case of a national emergency, please go to our website –  and click on the category National Emergency Preparedness and  read the article  –  Suggested Ways To Prepare For A National Emergency.   Nancy  
Kari Lake (@KariLake) posted at 8:30 AM on Tue, Dec 19, 2023:
When a man flees war, he takes his family with him. When a man heads to war, he leaves his family behind. There is not one single woman or child in this video captured in Lukeville, AZ.

Pray for America. ?



Sunday, December 17th, 2023
As we all suspected right from the beginning.  Nancy

The “Dirty Little Secret” of America’s Current Government

Obama’s Third Term

By Chet Nagle

Chet Nagle is a graduate of the Naval Academy and Georgetown Law School. A carrier pilot, he was in the Cuban Missile Crisis. A civilian, he was a Pentagon official, CIA agent, and author. He was awarded the Order of Oman during the war with Yemen.

 December 16, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy, a Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency, made a significant comment during the recent 4th primary debate. He exposed what he called the “dirty little secret” of America’s government by stating,”The people who we elect to run the government are not the ones who are even actually running the government.”

If he’s right, then who does run our government?

Is it billionaires who steer our domestic and foreign policy? They certainly are trying to control our speech, health, food, use of energy, and the information that we see, hear, and read. They’re also trying to give that power to the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) – organizations they control through massive donations. For example, in a recent speech in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. David Martin said Bill Gates controls the WHO because he donates 88% of their budget! In return, global WHO programs enhance his plans to depopulate the world and his profits from vaccine investments.

Nevertheless, those billionaires can’t routinely call Cabinet members and senior White House officials to direct the handling of America’s plans and policies. It is Barack Obama who makes those calls.

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