The following information is condensed from a Special Report on Sustainable Development that was written by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, located in Warrenton, Virginia.  For more detailed information, please contact ampolicycenter@hotmail.com or at their website www.americanpolicy.org where the full Special Report on Sustainable Development can be found.


Sustainable Development can be traced back to a United Nations policy document called Agenda 21 which was adopted at the U.N.’s Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.    Sustainable Development calls for changing the very infrastructure of the nation, away from private ownership and control of property to nothing short of central planning of the entire economy.   In short, it’s all about wealth redistribution, all in the name of protecting the planet.

We have all heard the key terms it hides under – Cap N Trade, global warming, population control, gun control, open border and illegal immigration, higher taxes, higher gas prices, refusal to drill American oil, education restructuring, International ID’s, natural health supplement control, food control, farming “reform”, control of private property, Social Justice, land use, environmental protection, development diversity, open space, critical thinking  and last but not least,  sustainable development.  These are not random topics but a complete agenda of control that is part of the Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 blueprint.

Rather than good management of resources, Sustainable Development has come to mean denied use and resources locked away from human hands.  In short, it has become a code word for an entire economic and social agenda.

It is now the official policy of the United States, put in force by literally every department of the federal and state governments and nearly every city, town and county in the nation.

According to the Sustainablist doctrine, it is a social injustice for some to have prosperity if others do not.   Social Justice is a major premise of Sustainable Development.  Another word for social justice is Socialism.  Karl Marx was the first to coin the phrase “social justice”!

In order to give themselves an advantage over competition, some large corporations now find a great advantage in dealing directly with government, actively lobbying for legislation that will inundate smaller companies with regulations that they cannot possible comply with or even keep up with.

Under Sustainable Development, the environment always comes first, there must be great restrictions over private property ownership and control.  This is necessary, Sustainablists say, because humans only defile nature.  We must all sacrifice for the sake of the environment.  The UN’s Commission on Global Governance said in its 1995 report:  “Human activity…combined with unprecedented increases in human numbers…are impinging on the planet’s basic life support system..  Action must be taken now to control the human activities that produce these risks.”

Under Sustainable Development there can be no limited government as advocated by our Founding Fathers, because, we are told, the real or perceived environmental crisis is too great.  (Now it is clear why the Far Left is so threatened by the Tea Party)..


The answer is ICLEI, a non-profit, private foundation, dedicated to helping your local  mayor implement all of his promises.  Originally known as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI).  Today the group simply calls itself  “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability”.

There are 544 American cities in which ICLEI is being paid with tax dollars from city councils to implement and enforce Sustainable Development.  Climate change, of course, is the ICLEI mantra.


In the rural areas it’s called the Wildlands Project.  In the cities it’s called smart growth.  In business it’s called Public/Private Partnerships. And in government it’s called stakeholder councils and non-elected boards and regional government.

Part I – The Wildlands Project calls for the “re-wilding” of 50% of all the land in every state.  Think National Parks that allow no human activity, then they establish an ever increasing  buffer zone around the reserve where only limited human activity is allowed. For example, federal lands where drilling and mining for our natural resources are not allowed.  Reintroducing bear and wolves to our wildlands.   (Think increased recent bear attacks on humans!)

There are at least 31 Wildlands projects underway, locking away more than 40 percent of the nation’s land.  One project called Yukon to Yellowstone (Y2Y) – creates a 2,000 mile no-man’s land corridor from the Arctic to Yellowstone.

Part II –  Smart Growth –  After they herd you into the city, they have more plans  for you in regimented and dense urban communities.  Think of the disdainful term Urban Sprawl which they denounce and which is in reality  the natural outward growth of our cities.   Cities are now passing “green regulations”  forcing homeowners to meet strict guidelines for making their homes environmentally compliant.  The Cap-N-Trade bill contains a whole section on such restrictions for the nation.

Part III – Stake Holder Councils, mostly non-governmental organizations or NGOs that are unelected but all powerful.  They are controlled by a small minority in the community and will make you ask permission for anything necessary to live in the community.   They destroy business by dictating the number of outlets a business may have in a community no matter what the population demands.   For example, in San Francisco there can only be seven McDonalds!

Part IV – Public/Private Partnerships (PPP’s)  Many PPP’s are nothing more than government-sanctioned monopolies in which a few businesses are granted special favors like tax breaks, the power of eminent domain, non-compete clauses and specific guarantees for return on their investments.  They can charge what they want and they can use the power of government to put competition out of business.  That is not free enterprise. It is these global corporations that are pushing the green agenda.  All of this is driven by the Agenda 21 blueprint of Sustainable Development.


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