Two articles, the first on crimes committed by illegal immigrants in Texas  (thanks to John Pizzo for sharing) and the second by NC Listen on the growing world population and its impact on our country.   Nancy. 
“If illegal aliens can break our laws and get rewarded for it, if illegal aliens have more rights than the taxpayers that pay the billions of dollars to support illegal immigration, then there is no law and we become a de facto lawless nation without borders and without sovereignty.”  —Ron Ewart
Very few, if any, Americans know the full scope of crime committed by illegal aliens.  
In the State of Texas alone, as reported in the Texas Department of Public Safety: 
According to DHS status indicators, over 217,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and March 31, 2017. During their criminal careers, these criminal aliens were charged with more than 579,000 criminal offenses. Those arrests include 1,179 homicide charges; 68,900 assault charges; 16,854 burglary charges; 68,999 drug charges; 699 kidnapping charges; 40,818 theft charges; 45,104 obstructing police charges; 3,813 robbery charges; 6,190 sexual assault charges; and 8,693 weapons charges. Of the total criminal aliens arrested in that timeframe, over 144,000 or 66% were identified by DHS status as being in the US illegally at the time of their last arrest.”
“According to DPS criminal history records, those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 260,000 convictions including 485 homicide convictions; 25,882 assault convictions; 8,239 burglary convictions; 34,077 drug convictions; 238 kidnapping convictions; 18,543 theft convictions; 22,179 obstructing police convictions; 1,939 robbery convictions; 2,812 sexual assault convictions; and 3,625 weapons convictions. Of the convictions associated with criminal alien arrests, over 173,000 or 66% are associated with aliens who were identified by DHS status as being in the US illegally at the time of their last arrest.”

In each one of these crimes in Texas there is a Texas victim or victims that you never hear about, whose lives have been altered forever by the criminal actions of an illegal alien.  Many of the convicted criminal illegal aliens are now in our jails and the American taxpayer gets to pay for their incarceration as well.  And this is just one state.  Good Lord, are you beginning to get the picture?  Are you angry yet?  If not, why not?
If all this wasn’t bad enough, over three hundred cities, towns, counties and states provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, including criminals, while thumbing their collective noses at federal immigration law.  Illegal aliens get a free pass while those that foot the bill are hounded into bankruptcy or jail by a Gestapo-clone federal agency known as the IRS that gives no quarter to the American taxpayer, even when the IRS is wrong and the IRS is wrong a good portion of the time.
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Ron Woodard , Director, NC LISTEN

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Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Earth Day 2017 was Saturday with more noise than real dialogue.  All of us want sensible protection of our environment, but many environmentalists refuse to consider large population growth in the USA, fueled by over 75% due to mass immigration.  The estimate of another 100 million +  in the next 50 years is a lesser estimate if immigration remains at current levels.  Statistically, our population increase of 126 million of the last 50 years has been fueled by 70% + due to immigration.

According to the US Census Bureau, a baby born today in the USA will likely see a USA population of half a billion during their lifetime, if immigration remains at current levels.  And then what……   Do you think our taxes will go down with such a population to support?  You think we have an issue in many parts of the USA today with clean water and enough of it?  Why should the children of our grandchildren have to live over a hardware store with no backyard and have to pipe desalinated ocean water from the coast because the US Chamber of Commerce wants open borders and the looney Left wants more and more immigration?   By the way, we can grow our economy with exports where 96% of the population of the world now lives…….outside the USA.

Immigration is not the root cause of our national problems, but it is making all of our problems worse……homeland security, jobs for citizens, educating our children, medical care that we can afford, national debt, congestion, enough clean water, clean air, etc.

With artificial intelligence, robotics, and more automation, I will be shocked if we can support our current population with jobs in the next 25 years…….

The world population of over 7 billion is continuing to grow out of control.  The world population grew by the last one billion in 15 years…….this is unsustainable and more pressure will be put on the USA to take ever more and more immigrants.  It is not the job of the USA to trash our environment and our culture because of the desire of special interests and so-called elites for massive uncontrolled immigration.

We will need a sustained effort and pressure on the US Congress to drastically reduce immigration.  More to follow.



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