EXCERPT FROM THIS ARTICLE:   The problem is worldwide and growing by the day. The thinking that defeating ISIS will resolve the issue is naive. ISIS Is merely the “flavor of the day.” Yesterday (and perhaps again tomorrow) it was al Qaeda. Before that, it was Islamic Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood and its ally Hamas dates to the thirties and is stronger now than ever. Boko Haram in Africa and Abu Sayef in the Philipines remind us the problem is not restricted to any particular region. Fundamentalist Islam is a world power and it has declared war on the world.

There were many losers in the election. Hillary would seem to be the biggest but in the great scheme of things she is not. She may turn out to be a bit player, after all.

The Democrats and liberals, in general, were set back exponentially and now control less of the government than at any time since the 1920s or perhaps even in the history of their party founded in 1828. They lost not only the Presidency, The House, and the Senate but will soon see the Supreme Court transformed into a bastion of Constitutionalism for at least a generation to come. The GOP will hold governorships in 33 states, the most in nearly a century. Some are predicting the end of a liberalism that threatened the very nature of the Republic. It may take decades to realize the full impact of what has happened, but America has been put back on the “right” path after decades sliding into a moral and economic abyss.

The Media lost “bigly”, especially CNN and the New York Times as did many others who did all within their power to  ensure Trump never entered the White House. They are now hoping they will see the inside of the White House in days to come.

“In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity”-  Winston Churchill

Some of those that should have lost did not due to the magnanimity of Donthe-road-not-taken-mediumald Trump. Paul Ryan waited until the last second to express tepid support for Trump  and many called for his exile. He now fauns over Trump proclaiming him the greatest thing since “mother’s milk” and Trump has embraced him fully as his partner in the House.

Mitt Romney did all he could to undercut Trump’s victory exceeded only by Hillary for his acerbic remarks. He has now reportedly been considered for Secretary of State. “Lying” Ted Cruz has been mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee. He has argued as an attorney before the Court many times and is certainly a Constitutionalist which fits Trump’s primary requirement. It turns out Trump may be far more astute a politician than anyone imagined. Cruz in the Supreme Court means no Cruz four years from now in a run for the Presidency. Trump is already thinking far ahead of the game.

Trump’s now materializing cabinet gives insight into the thinking of the man who was resolute in war, defiant in defeat and now appears to possess the air of magnanimity in victory, that is the mark of all great leaders.

* * *


The leader of the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for the overthrow of the government maxresdefaultin the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president. Hussam Ayloush last week called for an Arab Spring-like revolt. He Tweeted a popular Arab Spring chant,Ok, repeat after me: Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam.” ().  According to Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, the Tweet translates, “The people want to bring down the regime.”

Islamics were poised to place Huma Abedin (a Fundamentalist Muslim who supports Sharia Law) in the most powerful staff position in the White House – Chief of Staff. It is ironic that Abedin contributed significantly to the downfall of her mentor Hillary Clinton. Think about it- Muslims came within a hair’s breadth of placing an ally in a position to know the most sensitive secrets of our nation and influence the direction of our nation as the keeper of the door to the President. The result would have been nothing short of an Islamic coup in the White House.


 The Islamic strategists are not crying on TV or cuddling their service dogs in remorse.They are in the back rooms of our inner city and rural Mosques, in the halls of power in Iran, and the caves of Afghanistan, carefully planning their next move. It will come soon and, in fact, is already being revealed.

As usual, Islamics are using a two-prong strategy: Part I) hit America with violent acts to keep us off guard and change the way we live and Part II) undermine our society through the occupation of important elements of government and educational systems.

PART I – America may be hit violently soon by Islamic Fundamentalists bent on sending a message to America in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. His ascendancy and commitment to take action against Islamic Jihadists and impede those who would do us harm from entering the USA demand action. It is not merely ISIS that is threatened but an entire plan put in place decades ago by organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), The Saudi Wahabis, and others.


Dates are important to Christians. Dates are important to Islamic terrorists.  Islamics attack on anniversaries. They also attack to send messages related to important events.9/11 was not an arbitrary date. It was chosen to commemorate the loss to Islam on September 11, 1683, when Christian armies defeated them outside the gates of Vienna. It was meant to send a message that the battle may be lost but the war has just begun.

The victory of the “Muslim hater” Trump must be answered and another message sent. I pray the Secret Service does their job well as Trump will not survive if they do not. Imagine an inexhaustible supply of men and women ready to die trying to kill the one man they believe is their greatest enemy. The reward for this person would no doubt exceed the standard seventy-two virgins. (I’m not sure what a woman would get as the Koran has no specified reward.)

* * *



Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC) wrote, “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

Part II – Islamics have not given up on the second half of their strategy to place Islamics in the highest reaches of the American government. Former 2016 presidential Democratic contender Bernie Sanders (along with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and several others) said he would be backing Keith Ellison – the first Muslim to be elected to the US Congress – for the Democratic party’s leadership position. This would place a Muslim at the top of one of the two major parties in America and give Islam incredible influence over future positions in the party and the government.  Bernie Sanders has no clue what a Muslim is or at least what a Muslim is supposed to be. A true Muslim embraces the Koran and life of Mohammed, the sum of which gives us Sharia Law.

 A true Muslim cannot swear allegiance to the Consitution unless he/she is practicing the art of Taqiyya (deception). If they can constitutionvsquran-link1swear to uphold the Consitution placing it and the ideals of American Democracy above those of Islam, he  or she is not a Muslim whatever they may call themselves. They are, at best, Muslims in name only. Just as likely, however, they are seeking to weasel their way into power and subvert the United States from within by lying about the compatibility of Islam to the U. S. Constitution. The Muslim Congressman will not win the position in all likelihood (unless the Democrats are truly suicidal), but it is a testament to the fact that Muslims are bent on infiltrating the highest reaches of government and in spite of their loss in the White House (Huma) are making considerable progress.

* * *


HUFFINGTON POST WASHINGTON September 7, 2016 ― President Barack Obama made history on Tuesday by nominating the first Muslim person to the federal judiciary, Abid Qureshi. “I am pleased to nominate Mr. Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench,” Obama said in a statement. “I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and a steadfast commitment to justice.” It’s unlikely Qureshi’s nomination to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will go anywhere. With just months left in Obama’s term, Senate Republicans have all but stopped confirming his judicial picks. But the nomination carries a symbolic value”

lead_960This appointment has far more than “symbolic” value. It is an indication of how far Islamics have come in infiltrating the government and its courts. If Abid Qureshi is a “true” Muslim, there is no way he can uphold the oath of office he must take to occupy the office of Federal Judge. If he can – he is a Muslim in name only or, like many others, is practicing Taqiyya and deceiving those around him. If so, it is all part of the Islamic strategy – Part II.

One of the most important reasons I supported Donald Trump for President was his stand on Islam. His rhetoric started out much stronger and waned as political realities settled in. President Elect Trump does not understand the true nature of Islam but often states what he knows, “Something is wrong?”It is. 

There were few (if any) during the campaign that accurately portrayed Islam. Even those who are considered experts and scholars maintained the answer to “radical Islam” is “moderate Islam.” It is not. 

There is a move afoot in America seeking to convince us that Islam can be “reformed” and this new reformation will resolve the issue of terror. It will not. 

In a recent correspondence with one of the leaders of the Islamic Reform Movement, I suggested that by the time they “reform” 1.6 billion Muslims we will all be dead or wearing little white beanies saying the evening prayers.  The enormity of the task does not take into account that it is impossible to reform a Book (The Koran) that categorically states it cannot be changed. Couple that with the life of Mohammed who was a Jihadist himself, as well as many other things contrary to the principles of a democratic society, and one is faced with two choices: admit Mohammed was wrong and his actions need “reform” or, as Islam demands, accept his life as the example for all and admit Islam cannot be reformed. You cannot have it both ways.


I believe most Muslims are not violent but most in the Islamic world are “volatile.”Most American Muslims are law-abiding citizens who have no thought whatsoever of doing ill to their adopted nation. However, it is difficult to tell the ones that wish America harm from those that do not.  The issue is exasperated because of the Islamic principle of Taqiyya that permits lying about one’s faith in the face of persecution or to win the ultimate war against the infidel world.

As my dear old mom used to say, “Better safe than sorry.” In my view, if a person does not subscribe to the tenets of Islam which deny freedom of religion, equality for women, tolerance for homosexuals and which commands its followers to wage Jihad until the rest of the world submits to Allah, let him or her leave the Islamic faith and join another or none at all. Why people continue to call themselves Muslims when they are not, escapes me. Actually, I know the answer. It is either because they are deceived about what the Koran teaches and how Mohammed lived (a Jihadist), they are afraid of leaving due to family and societal pressure or … they are lying.

I am continually compelled to post a disclaimer when I write on this subject. I have spent most of my adult life in the Muslim world, raised millions of dollars for Muslim refugees, don’t hate Muslims and, in fact, many of my friends are “nominal” Muslims. Some are even what would be considered “radicals. I call them Fundamentalists – that is, they act as they say they believe. I respect them and they respect me. If they believe the Koran is the word of Allah and Mohammed is the example they should follow,  they act accordingly and do all they can to bring the world into submission to Islam as they are commanded by Mohammed in the Koran to do. I, on the other hand, believe Islam is a danger to the world and that its adherents suffer as much or more than anyone. I am not an “Islamophobic”. Phobias are based on unfounded, irrational fears and anyone who understands Islam or has lived in the Islamic world as have I has plenty of rationale reasons to fear.

Just after 9/11 I wrote a short book titled, Deceiving a Nation: Islam in America. The deception has grown since then and become ever more sophisticated. My next book titled Jihad: The End Game (due out in summer of 2017) will detail the intricate strategy of Islamics to overthrow every nation in the world and what must be done to stop them. It is much more complicated than the simplistic idea that if ISIS is defeated, the problem will go away.  America is the highest priority, but Muslims have a plan for every nation. if America falls, the rest will be comparatively easy.


There is much discussion about Russia and Putin’s involvement in Syria. Most speculate it is merely the “Bear” exercising it’s newly recovered muscle in the Middle East arena thanks to the ambivalence of Obama. There is another more basic reason. Russia has a huge potential problem with Islam at home. Islam is the second most widely professed religion in Russia, and there is a vast Jihadist movement which has only been contained by an unrestrained ruthless regime. 

The truth- Putin is afraid and is doing all he can to stop the Islamics on every front outside his nation before they become untenable in his own.Assad is no radical Muslim and Putin -like many others –  believes a ruthless secular dictator is far more acceptable than a ruthless religious dictator.

A 2009 study done by the Pew Research Center, based on China’s census, concluded there are 21,667,000 Muslims in China.  If even 1% (216,000) of these are Fundamentalists (“radicals”) China also has a serious problem. 

Europe is awash in, Paris terror attacks, London bombings and German and Swedish rape epidemics. Islamic “no-go” zone are now found in Belgium, France, and nearly every EU country.

The problem is worldwide and growing by the day. The thinking that defeating ISIS will resolve the issue is naive. ISIS Is merely the “flavor of the day.” Yesterday (and perhaps again tomorrow) it was al Qaeda. Before that, it was Islamic Jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood and its ally Hamas dates to the thirties and is stronger now than ever. Boko Haram in Africa and Abu Sayef in the Philipines remind us the problem is not restricted to any particular region. Fundamentalist Islam is a world power and it has declared war on the world.

* I call on Mr. Trump and his now forming cabinet to take care.

* Take care that tragedy does not end the dream of “Making America Great Again.”

* Take care that politically incorrect but correct promises

do not fall by the political wayside.






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