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District 54

Voters Voice Frustration

Posted by Cathy Wright on May 6, 2010 in Press Release

Wright says campaign is all about jobs, taxes and spending
CHAPEL HILL, NC: While helping other Republican candidates at the polls during early voting and on primary election day, Cathy Wright learned about voter frustration. “Across the board, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, they’re all frustrated. They’ve ‘had enough’ and don’t like how their hard-earned money is spent by the current leadership.” She said people feel helpless and hopeless.

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Wright is a candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, District 54, which includes Chatham and parts of Orange and Moore counties. She says that this election is all about jobs, private jobs, that is. The state needs to fix the economy which will put people back to work, and the way to do that is to make North Carolina a more attractive place for businesses to grow. She said that the state government needs to reduce the tax burden on businesses and remove burdensome regulations that prevent them from growing and producing more jobs.

“What I learned at the polls has convinced me that I made the right decision to run for office,” she stated. Wright says that she is a fiscal conservative. She supports smaller government, less regulation and less intrusion in our lives.

Wright emphasizes the need to control, prioritize and streamline essential state spending, indicating that the current Democrat leaders in the state legislature have produced budgets that are out of control. She said that numerous voters asked her why legislators think they can spend money and when they run out, they just raise taxes, again. If families can’t spend money they don’t have, then why should the government operate this way.
State economists do not expect the revenue outlook to improve any earlier than late 2011, blaming persistent economic weakness for suppressing growth in employment and consumer spending. While the Democrat leadership raised taxes and fees by more than $1 billion last year, personal income tax and sales tax collections continue to fall far short of expectations. The General Assembly session begins next week, and the Democrats are in trouble because they don’t have any fiscal discipline, Wright indicated.

The seat is currently held by The Speaker of the House, Joe Hackney (D-Chapel Hill). “Many people at the polls told me that he has been there too long! It’s the right time and I’m willing to step up and serve. We are taxing our best natural resources, our people, our employers and our small businesses, right out of this state. Small business is and has always been the backbone of our economy and real provider of jobs. I refuse to believe that it is too late to save our family farms and our small businesses,” she says.

Wright has a health care background as a nurse, medical society director, and as a legislative advocate for health care organizations. She has also been an active volunteer in the community, most recently for her church as a pastoral care visitor at UNC Hospitals. She shared that she feels compelled to answer our citizens’ call for honest, common sense representation that is concerned about the interest of our children and our collective prosperity. “I’m working hard, meeting people, successfully raising money for my campaign, and most importantly, listening to the voters. ”


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