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Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 20:13:25 +0000
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Subject: Victory! America’s Most Nativist Sheriff Gets His Wings Clipped


Huge news! The Department of Justice just issued a scathing report against one of the most prominent enemies of the Latino community. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was accused of “the most egregious racial profiling” in the country1. The Department of Homeland Security responded by cutting Arpaio off from the harmful Obama administration immigration enforcement programs, like 287(g) and S-COMM, that he used to carry out his injustices.

This is a major victory that would not have been possible without all of us fighting together with our allies—thank you for helping make it possible!

And we wouldn’t have come this far as a movement without the leadership of our friends at the Puente Human Rights Movement who has been leading this fight on the ground in Arizona for years. They’ve organized and trained immigrant communities in Phoenix and beyond.

And while this is an important victory—the fight is not done. We need to kick Arpaio out for good—and Puente’s organizing can help us do it—if they have the resources to keep fighting.

Would you consider donating $5 to them today?

The Puente Human Rights Movement resisted Arpaio long before he entered the national spotlight. They helped organize rallies and marches in Arizona and Washington D.C. demanding the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security do exactly what they just did. The barrio defense committees Puente helped set up to resist Arpaio have become an organizing model that has been used across the nation. Puente also just took the important step of become its own non-profit and could use our support to get started off right.

Please donate $5 to Puente, today!

Thanks y ¡adelante!

Favianna, Roberto, Laurie, Felipe, Carlos, Kyle and the rest of the Team

1. “U.S. Finds Pervasive Bias Against Latinos by Arizona Sheriff.” New York Times. 12/15/2011.


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