The Pantano Path to Victory in 2012 has your name on it.

Heading into July 4th weekend, do you still believe your country is worth fighting for?
Do you still believe that America’s best days can be ahead of her?

For the Pantano family and friends, the answer will always be YES.  We are committed to the battle for America’s future. We are committed to victory in 2012 for our region, our state and our country. We are committed for the sake of our children.
But we need your help.

After this brief electoral OVERVIEW you will find details on the 3 concrete steps that it will take to win our country back. You’ve never seen so much political detail and inside information made public like this before.   Some may question if we have gone too far in making all of this public, but we have chosen to share this because we are a grassroots organization driven entirely by its supporters.  You need to know the plan since you have a role in executing the plan.  We are not taking any of that for granted we wanted you to know where we stand.

You are part of the team and we can’t achieve VICTORY in 2012 without you.

Here is our game plan for a conservative victory in 2012:

1)    Begin ORGANIZING today.
2)    Begin COMMUNICATING today.
3)    Begin FUNDRAISING today.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”  -Ronald Reagan

You may ask, “Why Now? The election is more than a year away?”

Barack Obama has committed to spending over $1 Billion dollars in his 2012 re-election effort and NC Governor Purdue has already become a regular on the Chicago circuit for union fundraising. Their ground teams have been spotted near my home in Wilmington, NC.

As the economy is buffeted by double-digit unemployment it is clear that the only job the liberals will protect is their own.

North Carolina is THE BATTLEGROUND and will be the key to the Democrat’s southern strategy. Our 15 electoral votes are critical for Obama’s re-election, and he knows that he MUST win here, again.

Where’s the proof?

1) Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte, NC in 2012.
This choice of the Charlotte, NC location is a controversial one for the Democrats and is causing dissension among the Union groups that fund liberals. Democrat strategists are willing to risk the upset of their base because NC is so critical for Obama.

2) Obama’s first re-election video prominently features a North Carolinian.
The message is clear to locals and to the national audience as well, North Carolina is key to the Obama strategy for victory. North Carolina is the only Southern State that Team Obama appears to be targeting.  The other two Southern States that elected Obama in 2008 (FL and VA) will likely be written off by the Democrats.

3) In 2008, Obama won North Carolina by the slimmest margin of all states.
Obama’s 14,000 vote statewide margin, out of 4.2 million cast, represented less than a third of one percent of the vote.  Also noteworthy is that Obama out fund raised McCain in North Carolina almost 3-to-1 ($9mil to $3mil).

4) In 2010, three vulnerable Democrat Congressmen managed to keep their seats.
100 years of gerrymandering districts protected three congressional Blue Dog incumbents in 2010 (Shuler, Kissel and McIntyre).  These three give the Democrats a foothold so that they can try to go on offense in NC.

But the 2012 Presidential election is the PRIORITY for conservatives, Right?

Yes, and getting a conservative Governor elected is critical too, but none of that can happen without an effective ground game managed by strong GOP candidates at the federal and state level.

In our case, with a congressional district that spans 10 counties with almost a dozen NC State House and NC Senate seats, it is up to us to build an effective volunteer operation to support the bigger statewide and national level fight.

Remember: Pelosi and her team just need to pick up 25 seats to re-take the majority.

We are LATE.

Obama’s volunteers have already started making calls and organizing their “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) efforts here in South Eastern North Carolina. We have seen it with our own eyes.  They are working phone lists and will be walking neighborhoods soon.

GOP Presidential Nominee WILL NOT Organize in NC until next Summer.

NC’s primary is relatively late in the season, May 2012, and as a result, the Presidential GOP nomination will likely be decided before any of the contenders decide to spend one dollar here.  That makes sense for the presidential candidates with their limited budgets, because money and ground teams will be required elsewhere.

Unfortunately it also means that presidential GOP team will have no presence in NC until summer of 2012. More than one year after Team Obama!

Team Pantano can bridge the gap NOW and make the difference in Southeastern North Carolina, and across the country.

With your help, we are the local arm of a national movement of federal issues.

The Pantano campaign is where the rubber meets the road.

The Obama Democrats have their unions and thousands of paid staffers and door knockers.  They will out spend us, but we will not let them out organize us or out work us.

That is why we are starting today.  Here’s how you can help:


It all starts with YOU. Please take the time now and consider making whatever contribution you can make, today by clicking here.  Your support is the building block upon which we build a network of friends and supporters.  Our Filing deadline is Jun 30, and anything that we can get in before then is important.  But don’t worry, this is a marathon, not a sprint and we know you will be there for us later too.

In 2010, you helped our team accomplish the “impossible.” In a district that had not seen a Republican since reconstruction, we raised more money than any GOP challenger in NC history. We were still outspent by our Democrat opponent and NANCY PELOSI, but we brought the fight that put Southeastern NC on the political map.

This time the stakes are even higher. And it’s going to take every dollar to ensure victory. That is why we re-launched in February of 2011 and will work hard every day until November of 2012.

DIRECT MAIL FUNDRAISING:  We are in constant contact with our 9,000 contributors and we continue to let them know how much we appreciate them.  Not all of them are ready to get back into the fight right away, but while our continuous outreach is costly in the short term, it is a solid investment in the future.  We are all in financial distress, so give what you can, when you can.  God will do the rest.

ONLINE FUNDRAISING:  By leveraging new media, our online efforts have raised more online than many campaigns raise in total. Moving into 2012 we plan on doubling our progress so we can be effective against Obama’s billion bucks and union thugs.

If you believe enough to help us, you can amplify that support by telling just a handful of your friends.  Don’t just forward an email, pick up the phone. Their support, wherever they might live, will go a long way in ensuring we retake our country and restore a path to prosperity.

EVENTS: Want to host a meet and greet? Our “Patriots for Pantano” Gatherings program is now in full swing and you can easily organize lunch time or evening gatherings with our turn-key kit of invitations, name tags, etc. If you believe enough to help us, you can amplify that support by telling just a handful of your friends. Their support, wherever they might live, will go a long way in ensuring we retake our country and restore a path to prosperity. For more information contact Debbie at:


We have been working steadily since 2010 to build strong teams in every county and now it is time to take the next step:  We are opening a Volunteer office in New Hanover County so that we can better support our hundreds of friends across the 6,500 square miles of the Cape Fear Region. We need you to help sign up your like-minded friends, neighbors and family members

GROWING OUR VOLUNTEER BASE: We will be growing our volunteer army across the district organizing every county and precinct down to each street.

Our first volunteer meeting at our new HQ will be Wednesday, July 13 at 6:45pm.

· Agenda will focus on precinct operations and volunteer recruitment.
· We will schedule outreach training and establish Q3 and Q4 benchmarks.
· We will also discuss fundraising and office hours.
· Location: 8207 Market Street, Unit H  Wilmington, NC 28411
· (The office is next to the US Post Office at Porters Neck.)

OPENING OUR VOLUNTEER HEADQUARTERS: We are celebrating our GRAND OPENING and Ilario’s 40th Birthday party this August. Special guests and fun activities for children will be announced soon.

ORGANIZING ONLINE: We are setting specific monthly targets for growing our sizable social media networks for Q3 2011:
· Grow from 5,000 to 5,500 “likes” on FACEBOOK
· Grow from 7,200 to 7,500 “followers” on TWITTER.
· Grow Upload views from 65,000 to 70,000 on YOUTUBE


TOWN HALLS: We are launching a series of district-wide TOWN HALL type events that will include guest lecturers and authors commenting on their areas of expertise and signing books.

· Topics will include Job Creation, Healthcare, Government Spending, Political theory, Intelligence and National Defense.

LOCAL EVENTS: We are ramping up operations across the district with the goal of attending as many events and activities as Ilario Pantano’s work and family schedule can accommodate. We want to hear from you!  If you have an event or a gathering that you would like Ilario to attend please

From book clubs to cook outs, Ilario wants to be there, so put together some friends and reach out to us.

Want to know how committed Ilario is to working for you? Just this July 4th Weekend alone, Ilario will be at 7 events in 7 counties in just two days.  And he’ll still make time to celebrate his son’s Birthday! Please don’t forget to pray for Jill and the boys while Ilario is on the road.

BOOK RELEASE: Ilario’s book “Warlord” will be re-released this fall.  Look for him on national and local media everywhere.  To schedule book signings in your community please email:

PUBLICATIONS: Ilario has been a prolific writer and commentator and much of his work is chronicled on our website.  From Politico, to American Legion magazine, to, Ilario has been leading the dialog of conservative ideas.

Most recently Ilario has editorials published in the prestigious National Review Online:

VIDEO: You’ve seen Ilario’s appearances on The Daily Show and Fox News, but have you seen his latest interview with Mallory Factor at  Share it with Friends.

Also, we have archived over 100 hours of unscripted video of Ilario, his family and his supporters discussing the entire gamut of issues from Job Creation and Commercial Fishing, to Nuclear Energy.  You can watch Ilario advocate for the 2nd Amendment during a pistol match or watch him handily win debates against a seven-term member of congress. It is all available at:


We are putting your dollars to work winning the future today.  We don’t have to tell you that it is expensive to drive from one side of this district to the other.  T-shirts cost money. So do stickers.  Mailings to 300,000 voters cost thousands of dollars in postage alone. And that hasn’t touched the tip of the iceberg: TV and Radio.

We are blessed with wonderful volunteers that give generously of their time, but they need the resources to succeed.  They can’t address envelopes if they don’t have any.

We are working to be as frugal as possible while still preserving the energy and name recognition of the $ 4 million expenditure last election cycle. By investing early in the technical infrastructure, we are ensuring victory for conservatives up and down the ticket, from the White House to the County Commission. Our ability to reach voters requires good technical resources and that cost money right now.

“Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.”  – President Ronald Reagan

Thank you again for all of the support. I know this overview was more than you needed, but I wanted you to see the level of effort that is unfolding now, in July 2011.  We are focused, we are determined and we will not forget the sacrifices of our forefathers on this celebration of our Independence Day.

We remain Semper Fidelis,

The Pantano Family


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