Cathy Wright

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Cathy and I have been married for 38 years.  Now, on the eve of a critically important mid-term election, please let me tell you about her.  My hope is that you will come to understand why your vote for Cathy is important for you in District 54 and for the state.  In short, you are about to meet a hard worker and an effective, fiscally conservative advocate.

Cathy’s CV is not brief, so bear with me.  After graduating from Russell Sage College with a B.S. in nursing, she worked as an RN, and then taught nursing at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing.  We were blessed with two children, and Cathy stayed at home to raise them.  Our daughter now lives in Arlington, Virginia, with her husband and two children, but only after successful careers as a ballet dancer and a high school English literature teacher.  Major David Wright, our son and a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy in the class of 2000, is an F-22 pilot at Elmendorf Air Force Base and Chief of 3rd Wing Weapons and Tactics.  When our children had shown us that Cathy had instilled in them the Right Stuff, Cathy began her own third career.  Her list of accomplishments includes Development Director for the Atlanta Ballet (as a volunteer), Development Director for the Kidney Foundation of Virginia, and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons and the Virginia Society of Ophthalmology (both of which she elevated to Model State Society status).  Her eye societies’ responsibilities included management of the associations and their finances, membership development, community relations, meeting planning, strategic planning, and advocacy.  I have a filing cabinet full of the awards and honors bestowed upon her, including a special one from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, none of which she’ll let me put on display (there’s only just so much room for pictures of the grandchildren). 

Not one to rest on her laurels, Cathy took a position with the North Carolina Medical Society managing and working on projects related to access to health care, quality and patient safety, grassroots, and political and legislative advocacy.   She felt particularly well qualified to do that work, because our last two years in Virginia saw her working as a partner in a lobbying firm.  Her clients included The American Cancer Society, Virginia Athletic Trainers Association, Virginia Society of Ophthalmology, Virginia Association of School Nurses and the Virginia Quality Healthcare Network.  Her favorite was the American Cancer Society, because she was able to help cancer patients.  As many of you may know, Cathy is a breast cancer survivor, and she is proud of her legacy as a lobbyist which allowed her the opportunity to help other cancer patients.  Her experience as a lobbyist will also help her when she becomes a legislator, as she knows the legislative process and procedures.  She understands the importance of working with “both sides of the aisle” to pass good legislation and block bad legislation, while maintaining her principles of fiscal conservatism!

Needless to say, my wife is a hard-working, community-oriented woman with experience and knowledge that will serve her and us well, when you elect her to represent us.  She has listened to you and plans to make private sector job creation; control of state spending; and, ultimately, lower taxes, her priorities (at least to begin with).  Cathy was recently quoted in the Herald-Sun Chapel Hill edition where she said, “At the hands of our state legislators, we are suffering from a legacy of ‘spend now, tax later’, an unhealthy dependency on one-time revenues to fund recurring spending, short-term solutions for long-term problems.  In fact, during the middle of a recession, liberal leaders introduced $1.1 billion in new taxes and fees in a misguided attempt to balance the 2009-2010 Budget.   However, the budget is not really balanced as we have debt, we relied on stimulus money, and we are now faced with a $3 Billion deficit.”

If you have read this far, you are certainly interested in the outcome of the November 2 elections.  Let me close, then, by telling you why you REALLY should consider giving Cathy Wright your vote: she’s a loving person.  Her loving attitude makes her strive to improve things for others; she calls it “service”, but I call it a gift.  You can tell from the above that she’s effective.  Well, she’s also a beautiful person, outside and in.  I’d love to keep her all to myself, but then her gift to the citizens of North Carolina would be hidden, and what a loss that would be!  I’m willing to share her with you, because I know her love is big enough for us all.  I ask you to give her your vote.  She’s got the Right Stuff, so it’s the right thing to do.

With confidence and hope for the future of North Carolina, I am

Sincerely yours,
John Wright

PS. Pass it on!  Vote for Cathy Wright for NC House District 54.


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