The best part of the video is when the camera catches one of the white students yawning as the professor goes on and on about the advantages whites have over other  races. So much for indoctrination of every student  by the Left.  These Lefties are nuts ! America was founded on equality, not equity ! One race should not be given preference over another race.  This is the land of opportunity.  Why else would people from all over the world be trying to get here?  We were also known for our rule of law which seems to be rapidly diminishing.       Nancy   


Professor Shames Students For Being White

This is what Libs want. They are so desperate to seem “woke” that they will put down white people to prop up minorities. GOP across the nation has been doing everything in its power to put a stop to the divisive CRT that Libs are raving about. But blue states seem to be more than ok with it. A Penn State’s Dr. Sam Richards, a popular sociology professor, showcased exactly the kind of teaching that is now going to be commonplace in many schools in the country. He claimed that the system is racist and that being white is a privilege that gets automatic benefits.

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