Below you will find information on a Christian organization for young boys that 2 of my grandsons are participating in.   I recently attended an awards ceremony where the boys were presented the awards badges that they earned throughout the year.  It was a lovely ceremony with a prayer and a pledge of allegiance to the flag.  Patriotic songs that we were all taught  in school years ago were sung.   The boys had participated in camping trips to the North Carolina mountains and taught camping and survival skills.  The boys were also taken down to Wilmington to tour the Battleship North Carolina and learned of our nation’s history.  The 12 and older boys were trained in marksmanship very similar to what many of us had to do to qualify in our NRA  classes to obtain a concealed carry permit.  I am quite proud to say that my 13 year old grandson won a marksmanship award.  I now call him “dead eye” !!!   
Please take a moment to read about this  organization that instills excellent life skills and love and respect for our nation and our history.  Nancy      

David, Until recently, boys grew up emulating real-life heroes who seemed larger than life. Today, culture is dismissing the heroism of our fathers and forefathers.



Boys Need Heroes


During the past month, Trail Life has had a unique opportunity to celebrate real-life heroes across America.


Until recently, boys grew up emulating real-life heroes who seemed larger than life. Coonskin caps and six-shooters were the uniforms of boyhood. Boys were enthralled with tales about Teddy Roosevelt, John Glenn, and Davy Crockett. Flannelgraph images taught us about the courage of Noah, the faith of Moses, and the collapse of a giant at the hands of a young shepherd boy.


But today, rather than celebrating men for their contributions, culture is dismissing the heroism of our fathers and forefathers and emphasizing their shortcomings.  Marvel characters replace real-life role-models, and virtual video games become substitutes for real-life challenges.


In a world devoid of strong courageous heroes and sterilized of risk, boys are disappearing into fantasy.


The reality is that boys need the examples and leadership of heroic men. Scripture, history, and personal experiences defy the untethered aims of culture and make clear the significant benefits of godly men who act as traditional masculine role-models for boys.

Scripture reminds us to, “Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus and entrust what you have understood…to faithful men” (2 Tim. 2:1).


Trail Life is Celebrating Everyday Heroes

At The National Backyard Concert and Campout over 30,000 tuned into a CBN News broadcast with For King and Country, Dennis Rainey, Focus on the Family, and Operation Christmas Child that encouraged families and celebrated the Trail Life heroes who step-up each day to lead, serve boys, engage families, and grow the church.

Memorial Day and the Anniversary of D-Day provided an opportunity for Troops to pause and remember those heroes who gave “the last full measure” that we may live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

With Father’s Day coming up we have another chance to celebrate the real-life heroes that live in homes across the country. Billy Graham has rightly said, “A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.”

A study done in Switzerland highlighted the importance of fathers in imparting faith to children. According to research, when mom attends church without dad, only 2-3% of children become churchgoers. But when fathers are active in leading the family to attend church, 44% of kids become churchgoers. 

These findings were confirmed by Paul Hill who said that, apart from family of origin, the most significant relationship that influenced a young man’s faith is a male mentor.


Through the ministry of Trail Life USA, boys are connecting with fathers and engaging with male mentors as each day heroic men rise up to challenge boys to lead a life marked by character, adventure, and God-honoring leadership.

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