Technology – a blessing or a curse !!   By the way, be mindful of what and where  you take your photos as your phone camera knows  the exact address of  where you are.  Can’t get away with anything anymore !!!  Nancy  

‘Alexa, stop following me’

Because apparently Jeff Bezos doesn’t know enough about your life, he’s now selling you a device that will listen to you and follow your motions.

And this may not be the creepiest electronic device Amazon has put on sale this year. The retail giant owned by the world’s richest man last year began offering a $65 device you could wear on your wrist to judge you on your tone when you speak to others. It would also measure your heart rate and other measures.

“Halo” was quite the fitting name for this device, which tells you whether you’ve been good or bad. Presumably, if you yell at the referee or scold your children too much, Bezos awards you devil’s horns instead of a halo.

But back to the motion tracker: Alexa is Amazon’s virtual spy, which consumers voluntarily introduce into their home through various devices. It listens to everything you say and sometimes tells the police.

The latest Amazon Echo doesn’t merely listen to you. It watches you with a camera. And follows you as you walk around.

A privacy violation? No doubt! But have you considered the convenience of being able to keep streaming CNN while assembling your salad — or while getting enough steps to keep your Halo from judging you?

Plus, think of the possibilities here for equity and justice! Amazon has already proven its dedication to eradicating wrongthink — they tossed Ryan Anderson’s book that disagreed with transgender ideology, and they deplatformed the platforms that were too Trumpy.

But what about the people who insist on unfettered conversations in their own homes? What if they buy a conservative book at a bookstore and read it in the privacy of their kitchen? Where’s the accountability?

Now, Amazon can tell what you’re up to at all times.

Of course, you can turn off the spy camera by saying, “Alexa, stop following me,” but why would you do that? What are you trying to get away with?

“At first, the autonomously moving screen was more creepy than cool,” the Wall Street Journal’s reviewer admitted. “After a few days, that unnerving feeling dissipated. At some point, the robo-screen actually started to make sense.”

Ah, yes.







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