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[MUST WATCH] How Far Left Democrats are working with Communist China to Flip the South Blue

BY THE WIRE     January 12, 2021
Sondolo Diaminah, People’s Durham  

RALEIGH – Still scratching your head, wondering how Georgia has gone blue? You might even still be wondering how the Left flipped and engulfed Virginia so long ago.

Can’t happen in Texas, or Tennessee, or Kentucky,” you reassure yourself, pensively, already seeing the blue streaks across North Carolina. “How did Roy Cooper get re-elected, anyway?!,” you lament.

If we told you it was the Chinese Communists, you might laugh; right up until the point your realize that, these days, it’s hard to rule anything out.

In this video below, Trevor Loudon of Counterpunch details how the search for how Democrats are flipping southern states blue traces right back to…you guessed it…China and their communist sympathizers in the United States. Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina — Loudon even points out how Durham is a focal point for this communist canvassing effort, making a lot of sense of why that county has been the 11th hour savior for Roy Cooper two elections in a row. Oh, and much of it appears to be illegal.

You know, ‘foreign interference’ and all.


They’re just getting started, and when they finish, America is finished. Watch and Share:




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