Dalia Al-Aqidi Challenges Ilhan Omar for House Seat

Dalia Al-Aqidi Challenges Ilhan Omar for House Seat

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Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and journalist Dalia Al-Aqidi (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images; courtesy) Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and journalist Dalia Al-Aqidi (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images; courtesy)American Muslim Dalia Al-Aqidi has formally launched her campaign to oust Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota’s 5th district. Her campaign, Dalia for Congress, is rooted in her life experience as an Iraqi refugee, a veteran journalist with a distinguished track record and in her desire to protect America from becoming another country to escape from.

“I’ve seen up close the consequences of what radical Ilhan Omar is doing. Conflict. Division. Oppression. I escaped that world once, and I won’t let it happen here. I’m running for Congress because we’re not as divided as Ilhan Omar and the far-left would have us believe. I’m running to bring us closer together.” – Dalia Al-Aqidi


Born in Iraq, Dalia  and her family fled the country in 1988 due to harsh persecution by Saddam Hussein, leaving almost every possession behind. Her family created a new life for themselves and became U.S. citizens.

Prior to Dalia and her family’s immigration to the U.S., with the help of late U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, she was politically active against Hussein’s brutality and oppression of the Iraq people.

Dalia has seen the consequences of Omar’s version of an ideal government—she’s seen the kind of hatred it inspires and what it has done to the Middle East. That’s why Dalia felt that it was her responsibility to stop her—to stop the widening rift among Americans and instead unite our country under the values that she immigrated here for.

Immediately, her campaign received tremendous support, including from distinguished anti-Islamists like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, also of Somali heritage.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali


To all my American followers please look up this brave and patriotic woman: Dalia Al-Aqidi.
Here is a quote from her:

“I am loyal to the country that gave me a chance, gave me a brighter future,”.
Dalia is challenging Ilhan Omar. I am with Dalia.

After formerly living in Washington, D.C. Dalia Al-Aqidi moved to Minnesota’s 5th district a few months ago during which time she worked to better understand the community. Speaking with the New York Post, Dalia shared,

“I’ve done my homework for months and months before I decided to move here. On Thanksgiving, I helped feed more than 250 homeless people in Minneapolis, which [Ilhan Omar] doesn’t remember. She doesn’t even talk about homeless situation in Minneapolis, which is extremely cold and there are not enough places of shelters for them to sleep in. It’s a very, very important problem in Minneapolis, and it’s getting very cold.”

Some in the Somali community are quietly supporting Dalia. Speaking with a Post reporter, one member of the Somali community confided,

“It’s just one crisis after another. She [Ilhan Omar] could have done so much more for our community with immigration and education, but she’s not. She’s picking fights.”

The fights spoken of are a barrage of anti-Semitic comments and targeted attacks against progressive Muslim women serving the broader global community as human rights activists, including Muslim for Progressive Values founder, Ani Zonnvelde.

Omar most recently smeared the leading Iranian women’s rights activist, Masih Alinejad, after Soleimani’s killing.

In July 2017, Clarion’s National Correspondent Shireen Qudosi called Ilhan Omar a failed American experiment. At the launch of Dalia for Congress, Qudosi said,

“Dalia Al-Aqidi vs. Ilhan Omar is the most important race second to the presidency. But we’ve also already seen Trump win once. The entire nation will be locked in on this congressional race. This is a battle between American Muslims vs. Islamist Muslims.

“As an American Muslim, this is the most defining and historic confrontation of our generation. Dalia defeating Ilhan represents Americans striking a blow against Islamism. If you don’t love America, if you can’t defend it, you have no business representing Americans. Being American means something; it’s a philosophy that transcends a piece of paper.”

On the same day that Dalia for Congress launched, news also broke that at least three federal departments are reviewing Ilhan Omar for what is being described as the worst-ever crime spree by an elected U.S. official.




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