Watch what Mosab Hassan Yousef—“Son of Hamas “—does at the UN:




> Here’s the book:


Manna from Heaven…

May G_d protect him and allow many others of his brethren to allow others—besides just Arabs —to have their own shares of the justice pie in the region as well: scores of millions of native non-Arab peoples, including over half of Israel’s Jews who fled, leaving everything behind, in “Arab”/Muslim lands……the other side of the refugee coin no one ever talks about (except some Jews themselves).

And that’s largely what my as tImely as ever book (now  in numerous leading universities)is largely all about and why it was written. That the President of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria wrote most of the Foreword, and an Amazigh/“Berber” publisher’s comments grace the inside jacket cover of my book should give a hint to what I mean.

Together those above gentlemen alone represent about 80 million often oppressed, two non-Arab peoples in a region most Arabs claim to be merely “purely Arab patrimony”……the supremacist mindset which largely contributes to the lack of peace in the region. Via the Arabs’ faith—Islam—other nations, like the ayatollahs’ Iran, also adopt such oppressive attitudes as well in the name of the “Dar ul-Islam.”

In addition to religion, however, good, old fashioned clashes between ancient empires resurrected in the form of ethno-national rivalries and struggles for hegemony in the modern age remain at play as well. Substitute Cyrus the Great’s Persian conquest of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon some 26 centuries ago with the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s as just one example of this.

Let’s all pray for the suffering and destruction of Dorian to come to a quick end and find ways to help those poor people in the Bahamas.


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