There is a “certain segment” of our population that have lost their minds !  (I’m being “politically correct” in not identifying them but it is pretty obvious which side of the political spectrum they are on)  Thanks to Steve Bishop for sharing.  Nancy  

‘Special’ LGBT-Edition Oreos Indoctrinate Kids About Trans Pronouns

JULY 1, 2019 By Joy Pullmann

Oreo cookies, a division of international foods giant Nabisco, announced yesterday a “special” LGBT edition that includes lectures about how to use transgender pronouns.

“We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions,” the company wrote in its Facebook post announcing the change. “In partnership with NCTE, we’re giving away special edition Pronoun Packs and encouraging everybody to share their pronouns with Pride today and every day.”

NCTE is the National Council of Teachers of English. While it sounds benign, this massive organization that affects millions of teachers all over the country—and helped write Common Core—has been politically far leftist for decades. For example, the organization came out against allowing trained teachers to defend themselves from active shooters using licensed guns. Its influence on actual English curriculum has been to degrade instruction with politicization and gobbledygook, according to the most rigorous research. Yet still they keep being treated as credible, just like all the other corrupt education institutions in this country.

Thus NCTE is in fact largely a political organization, not a professional organization, at this point. Assisting with these “pronoun packs” only makes publicly obvious what has been true about NCTE for decades. This is not just limited to NCTE, but is true of most of the major organizations involved in K-12 and higher education that exist under the cover of professional associations.

Federalist writer Kaeley Triller Harms made this tongue-in-cheek comment in response to Oreo’s post.

So did other commenters. Oddly enough, all the positive comments were on the top of the response feed and I had to scroll all the way down to see negative comments, even with many hundreds more likes and engagements than some of the positive ones.

Notice especially the Orwellian language Oreo’s Facebook responder employed in its first response below. Maybe NCTE taught Oreo that tactic too: “We’re inclusive of EVERYONE, so long as EVERYONE agrees with us!” “We’re so diverse, we’re willing to ignore, sideline, and offend half the country!”

Oreo made clear they’re taking sides in the culture war against half of America with repeated responses to supportive commenters on their post like the one below:

Oreo did not include this in its original post, but in responses to commenters noted that it is not selling these rainbow Oreos, only giving them away at a large LGBT celebration festival. It appears it wants to get all the cred from LGBT politics without alerting the majority of their customers, who probably won’t see their Facebook post and or this offensive product in any store to tip them off. In other words, this is a big, blaring anti-virtue signal.

For my favorite homemade Oreo recipe, which is a billion times better than powdered-sugar-and-Crisco-stuffed, overprocessed, shelf-stable-for-1-million-years wafers anyway, click here. If King Arthur Flour ever goes political, I’m going to cry.

Joy Pullmann (@JoyPullmann) is executive editor of The Federalist, mother of five children, and author of “The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids.” She identifies as native American and gender natural. Her latest ebook is a list of more than 200 recommended classic books for children ages 3-7 and their parents.



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