Many of you personally know or have heard of Colonel Francis De Luca (USMC Ret)  as he was the President of Civitas and headed up the   North Carolina Chapter of Americans For Prosperity that are two very conservative action groups in North Carolina.
Colonel Francis DeLuca is now running for Congress in the 3rd District of North Carolina which is along the coast in the Wilmington area. The primary election is April 30 so  it is essential to donate to his campaign as quickly as possible.  I have known Colonel DeLuca   for a number of years and know him to be an outstanding conservative that we can depend on to support our values in congress.
It would be greatly appreciated if you would forward this information regarding Colonel  De Luca’s campaign on to your contacts.  Time is of the essence and we must make sure that the right people are representing us in congress.   
Please scroll down to see an excerpt from his bio of his very impressive and committed conservative man.  Please be as generous as you can if you choose to donate to his campaign.  We all know how difficult it is to find really dedicated conservative candidates.     Nancy

Here are information links on my campaign:    Donate Link  Website information Link to radio ad running across district  The easiest way to learn more about my campaign for congress is to go to the following links. They are my campaign website, a donation page and the current radio ad I am running.

Your sending information on to others will make a huge difference. Having someone like you vouch for me will have impact!

The maximum contribution is $2,800 per person and that is what I am asking people for.

We must make sure that the next person in congress from this district is a committed conservative!

With the election on 30 April and the size of the district, advertising is the only way I will reach all the voters I need.


If you are by chance sending a check – Mail to:

200 Preston Arbor Lane

Cary, NC 27513

Phone 919-618-3484

Semper fi,

Campaign address:
1250 Western Blvd Ste02 L146 
Jacksonville, NC 28546
(252) 424-2108
Twitter: @fxdeluca

Meet Francis De Luca

Colonel Francis X. De Luca USMC (RET)

Francis De Luca was born and raised in Jacksonville, the son of a Marine Sergeant and a school teacher. He joined the Marines while in college at UNC-Wilmington and, after graduating, served as a naval aviator (helicopter pilot). De Luca deployed to serve in the first Iraq war flying Huey Helicopters and was called back to active duty following 9/11 and served his second combat tour during the war in Iraq. De Luca retired, after more than 30 years of service, in 2011. Since then, he has headed up two of North Carolina’s leading conservative policy groups – Americans For Prosperity (NC Chapter) and most recently, the CIVITAS Institute. At Civitas, De Luca led the fight against the left in North Carolina, creating a website ‘Mapping the Left’ and opposing left-wing “Rev” William Barber and the Moral Monday Movement.

Why I’m Running

President Trump is right: It’s time to build the Wall – and it’s past-time to drain the Swamp. We have to elect people who will stand up to the left, call out the ‘fake’ media, and take on the Washington Establishment – leaders with the moral courage and conviction to support President Trump and fight back!


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