On Saturday, August 19, Conservative Women’s Forum and ICON Lectures joined at hosting a  party for the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Chapel Hill.  Their  excellent  training programs ensure that the public is trained to use firearms responsibly.   I’ve taken several of their classes to qualify for my concealed carry permit and the classes are exceptionally thorough and stress the  responsibility that goes with gun ownership.  The  NRA’s help in the 2016 election is also greatly appreciated. 
Our local affiliate of the NRA, is the Chapel Hill Friends of the NRA.  If you would like to support their efforts, checks can be made payable to CHFNRA  JDG and mailed to Chapel Hill Friends of the NRA,  123 Cub Creek Ext, Chapel Hill, NC  27517.      Nancy

Special Guest, Robin Hayes, Chairman, North Carolina Republican Party and Mary Lou Drake

From the left: Sue Gray, Judge Beecher Gray,Heather Whillier, Finance Director for Lt Gov Dan Forest, Zan Bunn, President, North Carolina Federation of Republican Women

Marlene Waller and Larry Beckler

From the left: Cathy Wright and son, David Wright, and Dr. Laura Gutman, ICON board member

From the left:; Gadi Adelman, Dee Sams, Meg Gresham, ICON board member, Ilene Sittssinger, and Brenda Dowling

From the left: David Lister, Mary and Dave Carter and Kathryn Pfister

From the left: Wendy Ball and Dr. Brenda Hunter

Francis DeLuca, President of Civitas, and his wife, Cynthia

From the left: Bill Meehan and Mike Pearl

From the left: Walker Hammon and Tom Jensen

From the left: Mark Cares and Guy Guidry guarding the beer on the patio

Dr John Wright

Insignia on Dr John’s hat

Cathy Wright giving information on the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

From the left: David Wright, and Cathy and John Wright

Heather Whillier giving us the scoop on a SURPRISE birthday party for our Lt. Governor, Dan Forest (Don’t tell Dan !)

Jim Duncan, founder of CAP, Coalition of American Principles, and his wife Betsy

From the left: Nancy Clark and Zan Bunn

John Gray of the Chapel Hill Friends of the NRA giving Nancy Clark a gift for hosting the party

John Gray announcing that Zan Bunn has won the raffle for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard pistol

Whoa, a dangerous lady with her new gun !

From the left: Judge Beecher Gray, Heather Whillier and John Gray

From the left: Dr. Brenda Hunter and Mary Lou Drake

“The boys” From the left: David Lister, Mark Cares, Mike Pearl and Guy Guidry

From the left: Emily Walker, Marlene Waller, Zan Bunn, Dr. Laura Gutman and Larry Beckler

Enjoying the garden !

The “Hardcore Diehards” – Solving all the world’s problems till late in the night

Enjoying a warm summer night


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