Thanks to Gadi Adelman for sharing this information that the Department of Education provides regarding the 5 Pillars of Islam  for our public school children. 
 Why is Islam being taught in our schools but no other information on other religions is permitted  ?  Why is Betsy DeVoss, the Education Secretary, silent about this ?   Nancy 

Teaching our children grades 5-12 in our Public schools. This is what Hitler did, he said, “Give me the children and I’ll change society in ten years.”


Access Islam? Mideast Religion of Islam Now Being Officially Taught in Public Schools Across US: Education Officials Silent on “Why” (Youtube)

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It’s called “Access Islam” and it’s being pushed as an educational religious indoctrination program for millions of children in public schools across America.

Access Islam has been a growing effort, among the progressive left and the US government, to introduce the cult of Islam to millions upon millions of unsuspecting parents and school children, many of whom are not allowed to share their given Christian faith, in any form, while on public school grounds.

The initial phase of the instruction (or indoctrination) involves one of the most basic tenets of Muslimism, that being the five pillars of Islam.

According to the  Access Islam syllabus, “students explore and understand the basic beliefs of Islam as well as the Five Pillars that guide Muslims in their daily life” as follows:

1) belief

2) worship

3) fasting

4) Zakat

5) pilgrimage

 Then, in order to better inculcate the learning process, the students are assigned an art project which consists of creating adorable little “posters illustrating the Five Pillars of Islam“ for display throughout the entire school.

Now, can you imagine the response of thousands of progressive organizations such as the ACLU and so many others, if this syllabus project was an effort to describe the evangelisation of young students via the faith of Christianity throughout an entire school?

There would, undoubtedly, be burnings at the stake, and few would even complain.

But, then, the question becomes why –why is Islam so terribly important, while any other classroom religious schooling is tantamount to a war declaration or  bomb threat?

The convoluted answer is, without a doubt, one of the most disturbing explanations that many could possibly fathom; an explanation that all but confirms one of the most astounding conspiracies, ever contemplated.

More on that later, but first, let’s look a bit longer at the “what”

First, isn’t the teaching of religion in public schools, practically illegal in these liberally irreligious times? The answer is a qualified yes, at least as it involves the active instruction of Christianity and other faiths as it pertains to government-funded public schools, however, Islam, it seems, is a different kind of religion, at least to the US government and the political left in America.

Next up is the “who,” in order to provide a bit more background.

So, who are the identities associated with Acess Islam which would be its biggest co-sponsors along with the US Department of Education?

The answer, in short, ends up being some of the most powerful media, religious, and entertainment institutions in the US.,500

From PBS & AFTRA (America Federation of Television and Radio Artists) & AF&M (American Federation of Musicians) to even the Lilly Endowment, which states its mission, ironically enough, as “deepening and enriching the religious lives of American Christians, primarily by helping to strengthen their congregations.”

Indeed, you might wonder how Eli Lilly’s endorsing of a cult whose primary aim is one of wiping out Christians, can somehow strengthen Christian congregations, unless the answer involves enabling the congregational goal of being with Christ, much sooner than expected, and with extreme prejudice.

Next, concerning the increasingly questionable sponsors of Access Islam, is the ISNA, or Islamic  Society of North America which is the largest Muslim club in North America.

The ISNA, not coincidentally, is an  organization that has been investigated several times by the Feds for ties to HAMAS, which is a Muslim terrorist organization in the Mideast.

The ISNA also enjoys extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and is heavily involved in Islamic Extremism.

Again, the increasingly burning question might be why, as in, why is the US government, via the Department of Education &  a religious organization with multiple terrorist ties,  pushing the religion of Islam in public schools while simultaneously disallowing other religions?”

While a host of court cases railing against virtually any and all cases of Christianity, and or creationism, has been the prevailing agenda for decades in the US, how is it, suddenly, that Islam has become the most favored organized faith, approved of by none other than the US government, itself?

The radical teachings of Islam,  according to the Muslims’ most holy book, the Quran, preaches some of the most extreme forms of intolerance, ever instituted within a world-class faith.

This, most especially, when it comes to  infidels, or non-Muslims who also happen to be what Islam describes as sexual perverts (or gays)  in addition to arch-enemies of Islam, that being both Christians, and Jews plus those who simply do not believe in the worship of an ancient desert moon god that most Muslims claim ( wrongly ) is the same God as the biblical God, Jehovah.

Problematically, if the Muslim God is the same as the Christian and Jewish God then why do Islamists the world over demand that Christians and Jews be exterminated as non-believers?

But, after all of the uproar over teaching religion in schools, why also, would the US government pivot and oddly teach Islam? One European Prime Minister insists that this particularly odd phenomenon is part of a worldwide conspiracy being wrought, by international elites.

The Why

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban insists that this particularly odd phenomenon is part of a worldwide conspiracy being wrought, by international elites, with one goal in mind.

The Prime Minister stated, back in March of 2016, that the entire West was being hit by an international plot to destroy itself by virtue of a globalist-inspired multicultural agenda designed to disintegrate western governments of their liberties & national identity.


Orban states that western civilization in Europe was already in the process of being destroyed by a vast wall of Islamic refugees pouring into the various nations. Orban further stated that the entire agenda was being wrought by the EU’s ruling globalist schemers.

According to the New American, Orban had these powerful words to impart:

“The so-called “refugee crisis,” he said, is a gigantic lie — most of the arrivals are not actual refugees, and humanitarianism is not the agenda of the globalist conspirators. Instead, the engineered crisis is a tool of sinister forces plotting to destroy Western civilization while undermining Christianity and nation states.

He previously lambasted those responsible for creating and exploiting the immigration tidal wave as a “treasonous conspiracy” that is using the crisis to achieve what it failed to accomplish through political means.”In a speech that may go down in history as a crucial turning point, Orban told Hungarians: “Today Europe is as fragile, weak and sickly as ‘a flower being eaten away by a hidden worm.’ ” He added: “Europe is not free.

Because freedom begins with speaking the truth.” Today, he explained, it is forbidden across much of Europe to speak the truth.“It is forbidden to say that those arriving are not refugees, but that Europe is threatened by migration,” he said. “It is forbidden to say that tens of millions are ready to set out in our direction. It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries. It is forbidden to point out that the masses arriving from other civilizations endanger our way of life, our culture, our customs and our Christian traditions.”

However, it’s not just Victor Orban, whose words and actions seem to indicate something more than mere happenstance as it regards the cultural destruction of the west; in our case, America, in order for a newer, more malleable Order, to be realized.

The Way

Globalist George Soros, an open borders proponent, found himself on the wrong end of an “open email” scandal that revealed much more than most people are aware of.

Cyber hackers had illuminated, via sorties into Soros’ secret email files, what many conservatives have been warning the world about, for at least the last decade.

One warning being that the Islamic refugee crisis, rather than being a disaster that Soros and other global elites are merely trying to react to, is instead a fully advantaged Islamic invasion of the west being wrought under the stealthy manipulations of the global elite led by George Soros.

It was only a few years earlier when Soros, in an effort to take down Syria, primarily, but also other nations, established a coalition of the usual globalist suspects, to bring the West into its current hellish straits in the form of creating conditions that would lead to a vast refugee crisis involving millions of Islamic fundamentalists.

The Soros effort was comprised of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Bilderberg Elites, and of course, the establishment global elites (or The Deep State) housed imperiously within the US government, among others. Their overall goal was a sibling-impetus to the Arab Spring Movement known as “the Arab Reform Initiative,” in essence, a western alternative but similarly aligned agenda to the Arab Spring chaos.

Soros, also, in an effort to defend the Islamic brutes barging into the West, has begun a targeting campaign against political commentators and even private individuals who seek to expose the truth about Islamic supremacism, and the Islamists’ overall goals for conquering Christendom.

In fact, we recently received direct evidence that the global elites, led by Soros, have been using the political system of Islam in order to achieve global dominance. The argument, in fact, is no longer within the realm of conspiracy theory….rather the contention has now achieved the status of fact after a series of hacked leaks.

The leaks revealed that Soros, a principal backer of both Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama, actually funded the left-wing political group “Demos”   to design software which would root out, target, and then attack any individual or group who either questioned or criticized the religion of both Islam and radical Islamists, via social media.

Indeed, some of the latest evidence, outed by the group “DCLeaks,” proves that Soros has been at least one of the major shadowy figures behind a worldwide effort aimed at battling against any and all criticism of Islam, including the ad hominem persecution & attack of individual critics of Islam.

Moreover, one very recent example of a shadowy Islamic infiltration is even now taking place in the State of Pennsylvania. It involves the state-sale of a high-security juvenile detention center in Shenango Township formerly known as the “New Castle Youth Development Center.”

The realty company selling the facility, for the state,  indicates that the YDC property in “Shenango Industrial Park is conveniently located near Pennsylvania Route 422 with easy access to Interstates 76, 79 and 80 (for lethally quick getaways). The facility is also located 35 miles away from the Pittsburgh International Airport, (An Islamic jihad plus for sure) and just 25 miles away from the future Shell Chemical Ethane Cracker Plant (BONUS!).  This former Youth Detention facility has 13, well-maintained buildings containing nearly 240,000 square feet of space ( big enough for a small army).  With forty percent of the U.S. population within a 9-hour drive, 60% of Canada’s population, 45% of U.S. manufacturers and 40% of the nation’s domestic trade and service industries.”

The group, which has since bought the facility, has set off alarm bells, across the region, due to the very shadowy origins of an Islamic education group fronted by yet another equally shady group known as HIRA Educational Services.

So, why would an Islamic religious organization be needing a 150 acre “fortified compound” with easy access to massive segments of both US and Canadian populations?

According to one source, “Muslim Brotherhood experts at UTT  stated that these kind of purchases are the exact methods employed by the Muslim Brotherhood to further their “civilization jihad.”They were, apparently, contacted multiple times by different people and groups concerning the almost completed purchase.

In fact, the FBI has reported that investigations into various Islamic terror cells, of this nature, now exists in all fifty states, of the US, many of these having been established during the reign of pro-Islamic president Barack Obama, who, in fact, made it a cornerstone of his administration to apologize for Islam while repeatedly attacking Christianity, even while America’s bought and paid for “Mockingbird media,” of course, looked on in Deep State-approving silence.

Incidentally, Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, in full and complete knowledge of who was buying the property, allowed the sale to pass, while also apparently receiving the direct support of George Soros, who directly funded, to the tune of millions, an Open Borders proxy organization known as American Bridge 21st Century, which apparently is in the practice of shadowing Wolf’s 2017 Gubernatorial opposition candidate, Scott  Wagner, in order to continually harass him in both print and video.

So, where might this be all leading?

In fact, Islam is even now being systematically inculcated into the seams of US society, of today, as a new American counter-cultural movement hatched by colleges & universities all across the fruited plain; think of it as a “Woodstock” for today, except one in which the peaceniks of yesterday are in the process of being subverted into the possessed Desert-Moon-God Devotees of tomorrow,  alas, the “new world order” avatars of hidden death and mayhem.

Moreover, it seems further in evidence that this movement appears to be Shadow Government/Globalist-approved, which means that the US media will be increasingly planted with Islamic defenders, at any and all costs, across the  political spectrum, as the agenda, in the form of a new Islamic-contrived political movement, which then tries, in earnest, to take hold, inside America.

The question obviously becomes will this movement resolve or will it fail miserably and what will be the costs for the contrived dialectic event that may be created in order for the movement to be finally accepted by the public under a newly instituted paradigm of control/belief?

As with virtually every single world-shaking event which has taken place since Kennedy’s assassination by the Deep State, in 1963; whatever & whenever next you see America’s “Mockingbird Media” defending as ridiculous that which seems couched in an obvious conspiracy, you’ll know where the truth will, in fact, actually lay, but only if you’ve been paying complete attention.

And, it, that being the truth,  will not be present within the mindless pap that they will, undoubtedly, be salaciously extolling.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke 1729-1797

Lan astaslem (لن استسلم‎) 
"I will never surrender/I will never submit".




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