How generous of Mr. Ruiz to encourage America to open its arms in welcome to “all those pushed and pulled to this country”.  It may come as a surprise to him that we do have a finite amount of land and resources that limits the number of people that our country can absorb.    Nancy
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Hector Ruiz, former CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, writing on his immigrant youth and the American dream.

Hector Ruiz, former CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, writing at, May 3:


I have always been grateful to this country for the generosity America showed immigrants during my youth: Texas public schools invited us Mexican kids to study for a minimal fee. I graduated at the top of my Eagle Pass high school class and won a college scholarship that would ultimately open the door to a work permit, residency and citizenship. . . .

We shouldn’t deny all those pushed and pulled to this country the full rights and responsibilities of being American, and we must not reserve citizenship for a lucky elite. The American dream can exist only when it is continuously renewed for all the hard-working people who cross our borders or sail to our shores, because their dream of a better life—the dream of the millions living here in fear, without documents, and those who long to come—is what has made the United States the dynamic nation it is.


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