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Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


Ben Carson: Where Was the Media’s Interest in Obama’s Relation to the Rev. Wright, Frank Davis, Bill Ayers . . . ?
By John Fund — November 8, 2015
EXCERPT FROM THIS ARTICLE:   Just before the 2008 election, Mark Halperin, co-author of the best-selling campaign book Game Change and now a Bloomberg TV host, was asked at a conference if the media had been too soft on Obama. He answered yes and went on to say that through the subtle choice of which stories to cover and where to deploy investigative resources, the national media had handed Obama “hundreds of millions in free publicity.”
Halperin attributed the positive coverage in part to the historic nature of Obama’s candidacy. But he also noted that only a few hands had gone up in the crowded room when the audience had been asked how many had voted for George W. Bush. “I find it curious that far more time and media energy has been spent on Sarah Palin’s time in Wasilla, Alaska’s, city government in the last eight weeks than in looking at Barack Obama’s dozen years in Chicago politics and government over the last 18 months of his candidacy,” he noted dryly. And Ms. Palin was only running for vice president. . . . He called on reporters to look at their 2008 coverage of candidates after the election, in hopes that in the future they will “do a better job treating people equally.”
As Ben Carson might say: fat chance of that happening.
#share#It’s worth revisiting just how much the media gave Obama a pass in 2008. Take the infamous videos of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Chicago pastor. Brian Ross’s ABC News report on Wright didn’t air until March 13, 2008, after more than 40 states had voted in the Democratic nomination contest and Obama needed only 225 delegates to wrap up the race against Hillary Clinton. Ironically, the videos of Wright’s speeches had been hiding in plain sight, easily obtainable in the gift store of Wright’s church. “After the videos hit, Obama narrowly limped home to the nomination as Hillary outperformed him badly, 302 to 171 in delegates in the final three months,” noted media critic Dan Curry earlier this year on his blog, Reverse Spin. If the Wright videos had hit prior to the Iowa caucuses, he says they “would undoubtedly have been devastating and fatal to a largely undefined Barack Obama.”
Ironically, the Wright videos had in fact emerged earlier, in February 2007, when Rolling Stone ran a piece called “The Radical Roots of Barack Obama” right before Obama announced his bid for the presidency. The story so rattled the Obama team that they pulled Wright from the speaking roster less than 24 hours before the campaign announcement. But as former CBS News reporter Bernie Goldberg noted, the follow-up coverage on the Wright story was scant and notably apologetic. The story should have prompted full explorations of the Obama-Wright connections. Instead, there was media malpractice.
The media malpractice extended to many other areas of Obama’s life.
In October 2007, the New York Times ran an article headlined “Obama’s Account of New York Years Often Differs from What Others Say.” It reported that Obama resisted any attempts to reconcile his account in his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father with the recollections and records of those who knew him. The Times reported:
Yet he declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript, or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate, or friend from those years.
A campaign spokesman, Ben LaBolt, had this explanation for the candidate’s silence: “He doesn’t remember the names of a lot of people in his life.”


Thursday, September 5th, 2013




CANLON: The other IRS scandal

The tax man can’t find the pea in a shell game

While Americans rightly have been appalled by the ugly details of the Internal Revenue Service crackdown on conservative groups, another scandal much longer in the making has been festering.

Left-wing nonprofits such as ACORN’s successor groups are flouting federal law by spending tax-exempt funds for partisan political activities, using “fiscal sponsorship” to shift those funds through a shell game of various activist groups. That’s the finding of Cause of Action, a nonpartisan good-government group, in its new report, “Conprofit: How the IRS’ Failed Enforcement Allows Nonprofit Money Laundering.”

“Significant loopholes in the tax code have opened the door to abuse for organizations to funnel money, fabricate tax documents, and destroy charities by abusing fiscal sponsorship,” says Cause of Action’s executive director, Dan Epstein.

Building on the research of the Capital Research Center, which has tracked ACORN since 1998, congressional investigators determined in 2010 that ACORN used its labyrinthine organizational structure to shield its activities and funding streams from view. ACORN moved taxpayer funds and tax-exempt donations between tax-exempt and non-exempt organizations within its network in order to illegally underwrite political activities, according to the report. President Obama used to work for former ACORN affiliate Project Vote, a Democratic get-out-the-vote group still in close contact with White House officials.

According to Cause of Action, similar abuses continued even after ACORN filed for bankruptcy in November 2010.

Its newly incorporated state chapters in California, New York and Texas — now known as Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, New York Communities for Change, and Texas Organizing Project — engaged in conduit funding and used tax-exempt donations for political activity. Cause of Action’s probe “found patterns of behavior that mirror ACORN’s past abuse of the tax code.” Within these new groups, “the corrupt fiscal sponsorship schemes, which ACORN organizations previously instituted, reappear[ed] without amelioration.” (more…)



Thursday, July 25th, 2013


By James O’Keefe
Threshold, $26, 352 pages

Watch out, fraudsters. James O’Keefe is celebrating coming off federal probation with a New York Times best-seller, “Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.”

When provocateur-journalist Mr. O’Keefe was arrested in early 2010 in Louisiana for misrepresenting himself at a federal building, the full weight of the government and the mainstream media fell on him and his compatriots. The American left breathed a collective sign of relief. The wicked pimp was dead. Or so they thought.

Mr. O’Keefe was tried in the papers as though he were only a couple of shades better than Timothy McVeigh. The U.S. Attorney’s Office, under pressure from Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., threatened the maker of undercover films with felony and 10 years in prison. Mr. O’Keefe could get his life back — or some semblance thereof — only if he copped a plea to a lesser misdemeanor charge and a federal probation regime that was the effectual equivalent of a three-year gag order.

If Mr. O’Keefe had his day in court, his footage, the proof of his craft, would set him free. However, by some strange happenstance, Mr. O’Keefe’s video, taken from him upon arrest was destroyed. How convenient. As a result, Mr. O’Keefe took the deal.

Where was the free press? Sadly, Mr. O’Keefe writes, “This was acknowledged during my sentencing hearing on May 26, 2010, with ABC News and Fox News in attendance, but no one saw fit to report this destruction of critical exculpatory evidence.” It’s worth noting the U.S. attorney who prosecuted Mr. O’Keefe later resigned in disgrace for leaking information about other people — the very thing Mr. O’Keefe had reason to think they were doing to him.

What made James O’Keefe a person of such intense national interest? (more…)



Saturday, October 27th, 2012


October 24, 2012

The Wave That Breaks the Liberal Bubble

By C. Edmund Wright

Can you feel it?

The wave, that is.  I speak of one that will wash away far more than just a failed presidency.  This wave will have the torque to rock the entire liberal bubble — the political/media/crony bubble — leaving it forever exposed.  Ironically, those inside this bubble will be the last to know — which is precisely why it will happen.  Those who would rule over us, and insult us with outrage over Big Bird, academic debate-scoring, “binders” memes, and specious jobs statistics know nothing about us.  This includes those inside the bubble who purport to represent our views.

But we know them well.  For the record, “we” refers to the quarter of the country that never bought into the fraudulent vapor of Obama and who lost respect for anyone who did.  Even post-election, when 70% plus of the nation was in this stupor, we knew it was Marxist voodoo that could not last.

It did not.  Early in 2009, per Rasmussen, another 25% got over the phony high of Obama’s election.  Since then, Obama’s been underwater on approval .

Millions more have joined this narrow majority in the past weeks.  Debates have been the catalysts, but this epiphany has been building for much longer — and now it’s reached critical mass.  There is now understanding of the shallowness of Obama and of liberalism.  Everything said by the supposedly racist, mean-spirited conservatives has been validated.

Doggone it…I think they’ve been right all along.

We were, and not just about Obama.  We’ve been right about the academia elites, the Jurassic media, the elitist conservative pundits, the establishment, the “obama foam” class, and Occupy and union thugs, too.  This includes anybody who makes his living from government — and the reporting thereof.  It encompasses those who live inside the bubble, plus those who depend on them.  These people are all intertwined, co-dependent, and out of step with America.  Recent events have finally connected dots for a lot of people in ways they can no longer deny.

Consider a quick history: (more…)



Friday, September 14th, 2012


The Wall Street Journal

  •  September 12, 2012

The Obama Democrats

This isn’t the party of FDR, Truman, JFK or Clinton. They’re different.


  • It is no accident that the Chicago teachers union would walk off the job, seeking a 29%, two-year wage settlement, days after the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C. The Chicago teachers union and the podium speakers in Charlotte are part of the seamless political fabric that has been created by Barack Obama and the modern Democratic Party. They’ve got goals, and what they want from the people of Chicago or America is compliance.
The speakers in Charlotte fastened the party to a theme: We’re all in it together. This claim is false. The modern Democratic Party, the party of Obama, is about permanent division and permanent opposition. You’d never have guessed they were speaking on behalf of an incumbent and historic presidency. One speaker after another ranted that the America system remains fundamentally unfair.  

Despite seven Democratic presidencies since FDR, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Harvard still grieves, “The system is rigged!” Jennifer Granholm, who seems to have summered in Argentina, shouted that for Mitt Romney, “year after year, it was profit before people.” The economics of San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro (Stanford, Harvard Law): “It’s a choice between a country where the middle class pays more so that millionaires can pay less.” Sandra Fluke: “Six months from now, we’ll all be living in one [future], or the other. But only one.”

How is it that this generation of Democrats, nearly 225 years after the Constitutional Convention, sees 21st century America at the precipice of tooth and claw?

Recall all the talk about Bill Clinton’s politically “generous” speech. His speech was an outlier. Set against the furious voices roaring off that stage, Bill Clinton was a figure from the Democrats’ crypt.

The Obama Democrats are no longer the party of FDR, Truman, JFK or Clinton. All were combative partisans, but their view of the American system was fundamentally positive. The older Democratic Party grew out of the American labor experience of the early 20th century, which recognized its inevitable ties to the private sector. The systemically alienated Obama party more resembles the ancient anticapitalist syndicalist movements of continental Europe.

In its 2008 primaries, the Democratic Party made a historic pivot. The center-left party of Bill and Hillary Clinton was overthrown by Barack Obama and the party’s “progressives,” the redesigned logo of the vestigial Democratic left.

The internal tension between the party’s liberals and the left blasted to the surface at the Chicago convention in 1968, when the famous Days of Rage street protesters vilified the party of LBJ and Hubert Humphrey. The “San Francisco Democrats” dominated the 1984 convention, but the party still nominated the establishment liberal Walter Mondale.

While liberals owned the party apparatus, the left took control of its ideas. By 1990, liberal Harvard Law School was torn apart by a left-wing theory called critical legal studies, which condemned the American legal and economic system as . . . rigged.


ReutersThe Harvard proletariat: Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic convention. (more…)



Thursday, August 9th, 2012




Thursday, August 9th, 2012




Friday, June 8th, 2012

On the evening of January 11, 1996, while Mitt Romney was in the final years of his run as the head of Bain Capital, Barack Obama formally joined the New Party, which was deeply hostile to the mainstream of the Democratic party and even to American capitalism. In 2008, candidate Obama deceived the American public about his potentially damaging tie to this third party. The issue remains as fresh as today’s headlines, as Romney argues that Obama is trying to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, which was precisely the New Party’s goal.

In late October 2008, when I wrote here at National Review Online that Obama had been a member of the New Party, his campaign sharply denied it, calling my claim a “crackpot smear.” Fight the Smears, an official Obama-campaign website, staunchly maintained that “Barack has been a member of only one political party, the Democratic Party.” I rebutted this, but the debate was never taken up by the mainstream press.

Recently obtained evidence from the updated records of Illinois ACORN at the Wisconsin Historical Society now definitively establishes that Obama was a member of the New Party. He also signed a “contract” promising to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in office.

Minutes of the meeting on January 11, 1996, of the New Party’s Chicago chapter read as follows:

Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party “Candidate Contract” and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.

Consistent with this, a roster of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 lists Obama as a member, with January 11, 1996, indicated as the date he joined.

Knowing that Obama disguised his New Party membership helps make sense of his questionable handling of the 2008 controversy over his ties to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). During his third debate with John McCain, Obama said that the “only” involvement he’d had with ACORN was to represent the group in a lawsuit seeking to compel Illinois to implement the National Voter Registration Act, or motor-voter law. The records of Illinois ACORN and its associated union clearly contradict that assertion, as I show in my political biography of the president, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. (more…)



Saturday, January 7th, 2012


By Wes Vernon – Special to The Washington Times

Monday, November 21, 2011

By Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott
Broadside Books, $26.99, 351 pages

America is under attack. Not by a uniformed army with rifles and tanks. But the inva- sion is here and advancing. The soldiers of the attacking “Red Army” are part of a “radical network” that “excels at lying in wait and perfecting its assault so that when the right vehicle arrives, whether it’s President Obama or someone else, it is ready to strike.”

Such is the “mostly legal” table that is being set right before our eyes for America’s ultimate downfall, as documented in “Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America.”

Authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Eilliott name names, dates and places and have traced the conspiracy going back many decades. While most of us have been doing our jobs, paying our bills, raising our families, attending football games on Friday night and generally minding our business, a network of willful socialists, anarchists, outright communists (both large and small “c”) and America-hating revolutionaries of other stripes has been boring from within to tear down what Ronald Reagan used to define as our “shining city on the hill.”

We are not referring here to the ragtag, overtly violent type on an obvious glide-path to prison. This book identifies mostly “respectable” revolutionaries in suits and ties and expensive dresses and gowns.

They are found wielding immense influence in our classrooms, media, Congress, the White House, government bureaucracies, foundations, the environmental movement, the labor movement, the “peace” movement, immigrants rights groups (provided the immigrants are illegal), the “economic democracy” movement and even in those corporate boardrooms where the capitalist system can be undermined effectively. “Millionaires and billionaires”? George Soros’ money trail, omitted from President Obama’s lectures on “the top 1 percent,” is spotlighted throughout these pages.

Those Americans who want to keep track of the effort to pick their pockets, destroy their lives and bring down their country will find “Red Army” to be an excellent reference work. The authors helpfully have provided an appendix listing the groups on Capitol Hill that are working to steer America’s road to socialism. (more…)



Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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