The election of Donald Trump signals bad news for the Iran nuclear deal, Barack Obama’s signature foreign policy initiative. Calling it “the worst deal ever negotiated,” the author of The Art of the Deal has threatened to tear up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on day one of his presidency.

Supporters of the agreement and Obama allies warn that shredding the deal will only benefit Iranian hardliners, the very people it was supposed to restrain. “The big winner in the aftermath of a Trump victory is Iran’s Supreme Leader,” Suzanne Maloney, an Iran expert at the Brookings Institution, told Reuters. Ali Khamenei, she explained, “will be able to walk away from Iran’s obligations under the JCPOA while pinning the responsibility on Washington.”

Well, it’s true that the nuclear agreement is in big trouble, but Trump’s election has little to do with it. Indeed, the agreement would likely have collapsed under a Hillary Clinton administration as well. The problem, as the commander in chief-elect correctly noted, is the deal itself. And that’s why the Obama administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect its “achievement”—by bribing Iran, drumming up business for the clerical regime, blocking Congress from imposing non-nuclear sanctions, and turning a blind eye to Iranian violations of the deal.