– –   Mark Christian is the president and executive director of the Global Faith Institute. A former Muslim Sunni imam, he converted from Islam to Christianity.        Thursday, June 16, 2016


These acts of terror are not a hijacking of Islam from the peaceful religion it was designed to be. Rather, these acts are the true face of Islam, and until we acknowledge it for what it is, we will continue to be victims, bowing at the feet of our executioners.

I came to America to escape the consequences of leaving a bellicose and aggressive “religion.” I fled to protect myself and my family from the sword of irredentist Islam, unchanged and unreformed since the Dark Ages. I ran from the orgy of blood and brutality that is Sharia-compliant Islam, only to find that my refuge is blindly permitting such evil to take root and grow here in my adopted land.

I know the root of my fear. I recognize the origins of the dread I feel. If homosexuals are to be killed so brutally for their sin, how much worse will it be for me for my far greater offense of denying Islam? I know, in my heart, who is next, and I weep that our nation may let it be so.

When you are an apostate of Islam, fear and dread follow you. Despite remaining out of sight for days at a time, these feelings never quite leave, they simply remain silent until those quiet moments when I again hear their whispered warnings and hushed threats; imagining them prancing like demons around my lifeless body.

I left Islam. I converted to Christianity, and by doing so, I must be killed.