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Thursday, March 16th, 2017


Thanks to one of our conservative ladies, Wendy Ball, for sharing a letter she and her husband wrote to Duke University regarding their leftist  policies.  Nancy


James H. Ball, Sr.and Wendy A. Ball


February 24, 2017


Richard H. Brodhead

Office of the President

Duke University

207 Allen Building

Box 90001

Durham, NC 27708-0001


Dear President Brodhead:


We have had ties with Duke University beginning with our youngest son, Steven, who graduated from Duke in 1990. We paid for his education, without relying on financial assistance.  Since that beginning we have supported Duke including with financial gifts, e.g. for the Center for Athletic Excellence, etc. which gifts were recognized by membership in the James B. Duke Society.


During these years, certain factions on university campuses have attempted to “out liberal” each other and in many cases, create a climate of intolerance unless one mirrors the political beliefs of these factions.


Duke has not been immune to these factions and activities. The “gang of 88” professors who rushed to judge as guilty racists the three white Duke lacrosse players are examples of individuals who, to use a term of our former President Obama, were proven to be on the wrong side of history. More recently, the aborted decision by an administrator(s) to create a “welcoming environment” for Muslim students by authorizing their call-to-worship from the Duke chapel tower seems to demonstrate how willing some are to advance the activities of one favored religious group at the expense of another.


Earlier this month Duke’s Department of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies sponsored an event “Ideas for Activism in the Time of Trump” described as “How our North Carolina Moral Monday Movement can be a model of a diverse coalition that brings together social justice people to take a stand against the Trump Administration.”  It seems that a university department is not educating but rather indoctrinating when it promotes activism against a duly elected President and his administration. We tried without success to locate prior events by this Department to promote activism against the Obama Administration.


In your December 8th message on immigration issues you noted that Duke recently announced that “undocumented” students will now be admitted on a need-blind basis and will be eligible for university financial aid if they are not permitted to work on campus. Our daughter-in-law immigrated legally to the United States from Sri Lanka and obtained her “green card” as a lawful permanent resident. We find it puzzling that Duke is prepared to admit and offer financial aid to a student who arrived illegally on the same basis as one who followed immigration laws; apparently, Duke believes there should be no reward to a student who is “documented”.


The following is a portion of the Conclusion of Duke and 16 other universities’ friend of the court brief (the “Amicus Brief”) filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York in opposition to Executive Order 13769, entitled “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” on which we have highlighted some interesting language:

“CONCLUSION Amici take extremely seriously the safety and security of their campuses and of the nation: if amici’s campuses were not safe, or the towns and cities in which they are located were not secure, amici could not maintain their world-renowned learning environments. Amici, however, believe that safety and security concerns can be addressed in a manner that is consistent with the values America has always stood for, including the free flow of ideas and people across borders and the welcoming of immigrants to our universities.…”

Notwithstanding as the Ninth Circuit acknowledged, even while upholding a TRO, that “the Government’s interest in combating terrorism is an urgent objective of the highest order”; this Conclusion as well as the reasoning stated in the body of the Amicus Brief for opposing[1] the Trump temporary ban on certain immigration from seven countries makes it clear that Duke and the other Amici universities believe that the determination of the safety and security of our nation is not unlike a debating society on one of their campuses and that they have the knowledge and expertise to participate in combating the terrorism concerns of our country- a frightening theory.


All the above lead us to believe that Duke and other universities of the same politics have plenty of money to support their agendas and do not need continued support from us.




Cc: David M. Rubenstein, Chair

       Duke University Board of Trustees


[1] “The Executive Order at issue here threatens amici’s continuing ability to attract these Individuals [students, faculty, and scholars from all over the world] and thus to meet their goals of educating tomorrow’s leaders from around the world.”  Page 5 of the Amicus Brief




Tuesday, March 14th, 2017


Professor Mike Adams, PhD, UNC Wilmington, was the guest speaker at ICON Lectures on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.  The subject of his talk was the detrimental roles of Cultural Marxism campus-wide in the erosion of conservative values and the suppression of Constitutional rights, particularly concerning free speech.  Some of the issues he discussed included  campus safe spaces and hot  spots, trigger warnings, same-sex marriage, reverse discrimination and political correctness. 
Dr. Adams is Professor of Sociology and Criminology at UNC Wilmington and was awarded Professor of the Year for both 1998 and 2000.  His promotion was initially denied based on the university’s denouncement of his politically “incorrect” writings.  The US Court of Appeals found he had been illegally retaliated against, and ordered restitution. 
A video of Dr. Adam’s talk will be posted on the ICON website in about a week for those of you who were unable to attend the lecture or who live outside our immediate area.
The following photos were taken at the event.  Nancy
ICON’s next lecture will be on Tuesday, April 25. 2017  at 7 pm.    Lt.  General Daniel Bolger (ret), NCSU Assistant Professor and author of “Why We Lost” will be the guest speaker.  The subject of his talk will be Slow Death:  Assessing America’s War on Terrorism”. 
Tickets can be bought online at 

Professor Mike Adams, PhD, UNC Wilmington

Mike Adams speaking with Jay DeLancy, Voter Integrity Project

Janie Wagstaff, President, ICON Lectures,

From the left: Colonel Jay Stobbs (ret), Lynda Newman, Mark Prokop and Terry Wiegers


From the left: Dr John Wright, Cathy Wright, Gladys Kofalt and Dr. Terry Kane

From the left: Andrea Rock, ICON Board, Sandra Henson, Jane Hogan, ICON Advisory Board

From the left: Pamela Ransohoff and Carolyn Oldham

From the left: Eileen McIntyre, Zan Bunn, President, North Carolina Federation of Republican Women and Sandra Henson

Harriet and Frank Livingston

From the left: Nancy Clark, ICON Board and Joanie Liotta

From the left: Greg Pulscher and Robert Luebke of Civitas Institute

From the left: Dee Park, and Ruth and Dr. Steve Bishop

From the left: Al Martindale and Guy Guidry

From the left: Jeff Ryder and Rod Chaney

From the left: Meg Gresham, ICON Board, Rosemarie Wenzel and Cheri Hardman

From the left: Colonel Jay Stobbs (ret), Sandy Bazley and Ken Johnson

From the left: Meg Gresham, Richard LeSeane,
John Gray, Chapel Hill Friends of the NRA and Nancy Clark

Meg Gresham and Kathy Langley



Saturday, March 11th, 2017


An example of “culture rot” that is being pushed in our country.  Thankfully, the parents and citizens pushed back !   Nancy

Maryland library cancels lesbian pole dancer’s sex-ed classes for teens

Sex educator Bianca Palmisano
Fri Mar 10, 2017

LEONARDTOWN, Maryland, March 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Citizens voiced their concerns to St. Mary’s County commissioners on Tuesday night regarding a sex-ed class for minors without parental consent to be taught by a lesbian prostitution advocate in publicly-funded libraries.

The public forum lasted more than three hours, with men and women imploring civic leaders to do all they can to “restore good, wholesome, moral family values again.”

The classes for children ages 12-17 without parents present were canceled.

Lexington Park Library director Michael Blackwell apologized to attendees for making the “mistake” of scheduling the sex-ed class and said he hopes residents will forgive him. Rev. Larry Crabtree of Seek and Ye Shall Find Bible Church vouched for Blackwell’s sincerity.

“It truly was something to behold,” Georgia Kijesky, the homeschooling mother who rallied concerned citizens to call their local libraries, told LifeSiteNews. “Witnessing so many coming together and hearing the sincerity in their pleas made me so very, very proud to be a St. Mary’s County resident.”

Deacon Eamon Ripple of St. John Francis Regis parish in Hollywood, Maryland, gave an impassioned plea to “restore sex as a life-giving sacrament of matrimony instead of reducing it down to a recreational activity bringing harm to our children.”

St. John Francis Regis youth minister Rich Olon exposed lesbian instructor Bianca Palmisano’s bias toward “homosexual education” and transgenderism.

Palmisano was a keynote speaker at the 2013 “Slutwalk.” Olon pointed out that during her speech Palmisano promoted a sex toy shop where she said “polyamorous leather dykes could hang out with kinky bisexuals and couples and compare notes with lifelong swingers, and still welcome those just beginning to explore their sexuality.”

Palmisano added in her “Slutwalk” keynote address, “We host workshops twice a month, bringing in speakers from across the country to share their expertise on everything from blowjobs to threesomes to rough sex.”

Palmisano supporters also spoke at the public forum, calling objections to the sex-ed classes “censorship” and parents “homophobic.” They claimed the public favored the classes and chided county commissioners for caving to pressure.

“Much of the opposition stems from the feeling that an agenda was being pushed in the choice of such a radical liberal extremist to teach, or ‘groom,’ our children on sex,” Olon explained in a letter to the editor of a local paper. “She describes herself on her website as a ‘sex educator, vivacious queer, feminist … ‘ She provides seminars on bondage, sadism and masochism. She is an LGBT activist, a promoter of the legalization of prostitution, and a self-described ‘pole dancer.'”

“Do we really want someone who wears the title ‘Slut’ like a badge of honor teaching children about sex?” asked Olon, who also heads up religious education for the parish. “Should someone who believes that violence has a place in sex be charged with educating our children on sex?”




Saturday, March 11th, 2017


For those of you who were not able to attend the Mike Adams talk on Cultural Marxism in our universities on March 7, please click on the link for the full speech by Professor Mike Adams.    Nancy       




Tuesday, February 21st, 2017



It’s Racial Indoctrination Day at an Upscale Chicagoland School

As administrators foist ‘social justice’ on 4,000 suburban students, parents plead for balance.


What passes for education at many American public schools is too often closer to indoctrination. Consider the seminar day that New Trier High School, in Winnetka, Ill., on Chicago’s affluent North Shore, is planning for Feb. 28.

The title for the all-school seminar is “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights.” That very term, “racial civil rights,” is misleading, since civil rights protect Americans’ freedoms regardless of their race. Judging from the roster of scheduled events, the seminar might be more accurately titled “Inculcating a Progressive View of Social Justice.”

Here are a few of the offerings scheduled for presentation to New Trier’s roughly 4,000 students: “SPENT: A Simulation to See How Long You Can Survive on Minimum Wage”—which touches on race at best tangentially. “Developing a Positive, Accountable White Activism for Racial Civil Rights”—which promotes a divisive view of race as a primordial fact, the essence of identity, a bright line between oppressed and oppressor. “One Person One Vote: Can the Voting Rights Act Be Saved?”—which absurdly suggests that the Voting Rights Act is at risk of being repealed.

There are plenty of sessions on the connections that music, art and culture have with civil rights. Very little programming, however, is devoted to actually explaining to students what civil rights are and what their place is in this country’s political tradition.

Yet the continuing quest to fulfill America’s founding promise is unintelligible without a grasp of how civil rights are grounded in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Or without an understanding of the often-heroic struggle for civil rights over the course of American history—the abolition movement, the Civil War, the great Reconstruction constitutional amendments, the grievous setback of Jim Crow, the modern civil-rights movement, the landmark Supreme Court cases like Brown v. Board of Education.




Saturday, February 11th, 2017


Saul Alinsky and his  Marxist “Rules For Radicals” are  alive and well at Duke University as they offer a program to train anti-Trump activists.  
 To refresh our memories, please scroll down below  the video link to read a list from the “Rules for Radicals.   Nancy 
Wonder how will Duke alumni will feel about this?
Duke University Program for Anti-Trump Activism
  1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”  Power is derived from two main sources – money and people.  (“Have-nots” must build power from flesh and blood, both in plentiful supply.   Government & corporations always have a difficult time appealing to people, and usually do so almost exclusively with economic arguments.)
  1. “Never go outside the expertise of our people.”  It results in confusion, fear and retreat.   Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.  (Organizations under attack wonder why radicals don’t address the “real” issues.   This is why.  The (radical organizers) avoid things with which they (those being organized) have no knowledge.
  2. (more…)


Thursday, February 9th, 2017



The Real Democratic Party

Why not a single Senate Democrat voted for Betsy DeVos.

February 8, 2017

The Senate made history Tuesday when Mike Pence became the first Vice President to cast the deciding vote for a cabinet nominee.

The nominee is now Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. The vote came after an all-night Senate debate in a futile effort by Democrats to turn the third Republican vote they needed to scuttle the nomination on claims that the long-time education reformer isn’t qualified. Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins had already caved, so Mr. Pence had to cast the 51st vote to confirm Mrs. DeVos.

She can now get on with her work, but this episode shouldn’t pass without noting what it says about the modern Democratic Party. Why would the entire party apparatus devote weeks of phone calls, emails and advocacy to defeating an education secretary? This isn’t Treasury or Defense. It’s not even a federal department that controls all that much education money, most of which is spent by states and local school districts. Why is Betsy DeVos the one nominee Democrats go all out to defeat?

The answer is the cold-blooded reality of union power and money. The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers are, along with environmentalists, the most powerful forces in today’s Democratic Party. They elect Democrats, who provide them more jobs and money, which they spend to elect more Democrats, and so on. To keep this political machine going, they need to maintain their monopoly control over public education.

Mrs. DeVos isn’t a product of that monopoly system. Instead she looked at this system’s results—its student failures and lives doomed to underachievement—and has tried to change it by offering all parents the choice of charter schools and vouchers. Above all, she has exposed that unions and Democrats don’t really believe in their high-minded rhetoric about equal opportunity. They believe in lifetime tenure and getting paid.




Thursday, November 17th, 2016



Wednesday, October 26th, 2016



Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


  Diana West, author of “Death of the Grownup” and “American Betrayal” was the guest speaker at ICON’s event on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  Political Correctness was the subject of her talk – What It Is, Where It Comes From and Why It Matters.  Diana referred to her research for  her book, “American Betrayal”  which documented  how Communists infiltrated  our government during the Roosevelt administration of the 1940’s.  Her further research has turned up evidence that the Marxists were actually actively working in this country as early as 1905.  During the 1930’s a group of Marxist professors from the Frankfurt School in Germany came to America and  established themselves first  at Columbia University and  then methodically started to spread their Cultural Marxism ideology within our university system.  By using  “Political Correctness”,  they were able to  silence those who opposed the stealth  attack on our traditional core  values which was designed to weaken our society from within.   
Through a news article about Diana’s talk, a coalition of Far Left groups organized a protest of Diana West  and made charges of “hate speech” .  When the Far Left feels threatened by the facts, they call it “hate speech”.  The protest  ended quietly but photos of some of their protest signs are at the end of the photos from the lecture.  There is also a photo of our  friend, Lee Green, holding up her sign as a counter protest to support free speech. 
A video of Diana’s talk  will be posted on our website – in the next week so you will be able to listen to  Diana’s West’s  fascinating presentation.   You will not hear this subject matter being discussed anywhere else  in the media ! 
This was our last event of 2016 but 2017 is going to be an exciting year with our first speaker being Mike Adams, PHD, speaking on March 7, 2017, on “How U.S. Campuses Incubate and Enforce Cultural Marxism by using safe spaces  and speech codes. 
ICON’S lectures for the rest of 2017 are April 25 – “Slow Death:  Assessing America’s War on Terrorism”.     May 23 – “Impact of Mass Migration into the U.S.”   Sept 12 – “The Real Story on Climate Change” and October 17  “The Growing National Threat from Iran” 
Season tickets for 2017  are now available online at along with a description of our five speakers that are already booked for 2017 ! 
Hope you enjoy the following photos that were taken at the event.   Nancy     
Diana West, Guest Speaker

Diana West, Guest Speaker

Copy of IMG_4385



Gladys Kofalt and Jim Duncan

Gladys Kofalt and Jim Duncan

From the left:  Sandy Bazley, Ken Johnson, Karen Kolias, Ginny and Jerry Cole, Gus Kolias and Jim Kofalt

From the left: Sandy Bazley, Ken Johnson, Karen Kolias, Ginny and Jerry Cole, Gus Kolias and Jim Kofalt

Ginny and Jerry Cole

Ginny and Jerry Cole

From the left:   Nancy Clark, Jim Ball, Wendy Ball and Gladys Kofalt

From the left: Nancy Clark, Jim Ball, Wendy Ball and Gladys Kofalt

From the left:  Andrea Rock, Dr. Rosemary Stein, Hannah Stein  and PJ Gentry

From the left: Andrea Rock, Dr. Rosemary Stein, Hannah Stein
and PJ Gentry

From the left:  Mary McKinney, Caroline Bishop, Karen Macomson,  Andrea Rock and Kimberly Rosario Sanchez

From the left: Mary McKinney, Caroline Bishop, Karen Macomson,
Andrea Rock and Kimberly Rosario Sanchez

From the left:  Susan Berkowitz, Fran Mammolito and Margaret Fox

From the left: Susan Berkowitz, Fran Mammolito and Margaret Fox

From the left:  Kimberly Rosario Sanchez, Meg Gresham, Dana Postiglioni,  Andrea Rock and Nancy Clark

From the left: Kimberly Rosario Sanchez, Meg Gresham, Dana Postiglioni,
Andrea Rock and Nancy Clark

From the left:   Terry Wiegers, Bonnie O'Neill and Eduardo Sanchez

From the left: Terry Wiegers, Bonnie O’Neill and Eduardo Sanchez

From the left:  Marlene Waller and Mary Lopez Carter, Republican candidate for the North Carolina State Senate

From the left: Marlene Waller and Mary Lopez Carter, Republican candidate for the North Carolina State Senate

Dave Carter and son, Chris

Dave Carter and son, Chris

From the left:  Chris Lee, Dr. Leon Coleman and Jeff Miller

From the left: Chris Lee, Dr. Leon Coleman and Jeff Miller


Diana West answering questions after her presentation

Diana West answering questions after her presentation

From the left:   Sean Moser and Jim Duncan

From the left: Sean Moser and Jim Duncan

From the left:  Bob Drake, Paul Olsen, Mary and Ben Proctor

From the left: Bob Drake, Paul Olsen, Mary and Ben Proctor

From the left:  Mary Lou Drake and Laura Cox

From the left: Mary Lou Drake and Laura Cox

Michaela and Paul Tomas

Michaela and Paul Tomas

From the left:  Dr. Laura Gutman and Diana West

From the left: Dr. Laura Gutman and Diana West

A fun get together after the lecture

A fun get together after the lecture

Lee Green,  a counter protest in support of Free Speech

Lee Green, a counter protest in support of Free Speech


Protestors who requested that their faces not be shown

Protestors who requested that their faces not be shown






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